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[LFP][D&D 5e][Paid][Saturdays 10AM EST] Saviors of the Radiant Citadel ($12 per session. Inclusive and New Player friendly!)

Hey there folks, thanks for checking out my post! I describe myself in more detail&nbsp; here , but here are a few tidbits about myself. I generally go by Rob, and I've been a GM for various TTRPGs for about 15 years now. I've run dozens of campaigns, some short and some lasting years. This is my first time running a paid game, so this is a big step in my GM-ing "career" that I hope you'll take with me!&nbsp; Now, onto the ad! Embark on a journey through the Astral Sea from your new home, the Radiant Citadel, to solve mysteries, explore worlds new and old, and face all manner of dangerous foes! Floating out in the Astral Sea is the Radiant Citadel, a bastion of goodwill and cooperation in a generally uncaring universe. As a member of one of the 15 founding civilizations, you lived an inauspicious life before your death. You awake to find yourself on the glorious Radiant Citadel, given another chance to finally make something of yourself. Steel your nerves and test your mettle out on the Astral Sea, and face down the threats plaguing the founding civilizations. Your actions will have far-reaching consequences, and may well shape the Radiant Citadel itself for years to come! Saviors of the Radiant Citadel is a long-form campaign marrying the recently released Spelljammer: Adventures in Space supplement with the Journeys through the Radiant Citadel anthology. Players of all skill levels are welcome to embark on this adventure.&nbsp; Set amongst the stars of the Astral Sea, player backstories and goals will be weaved in with both the stories present in Journeys through the Radiant Citadel and original tales to create an immersive and engaging campaign. You will face foes both celestial and terrestrial, battle political conspiracies and vicious space pirates, and perhaps even save the citadel itself! For more information, check out the LFG listing:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $12 per session, either via Paypal or by booking via&nbsp; . Discounted rates are available for those paying in bulk via Paypal. Session 0 is free. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.
With four spots now filled, we've got one last spot open! Feel free to message me if you're interested in the game!