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Roll20's New Typeface/Font (Nunito) is Driving me Crazy!


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Warning, rant incoming. I have used Roll20 almost since its inception. I have over 9000 hours logged, and have stuck with this platform through numerous changes that have driven many of my friends into the arms of its competition. I consider myself resilient when it comes to change, and can accept most of the quirks that the platform inherently generates. BUT, that said, the newest CSS update that rolled out a few weeks ago is driving me absolutely bat-shit crazy. Specifically, the rounded webfont Nunito is incredibly distracting and boasts poor readability at small sizes. As a graphic designer, I was always told that the best typography went unnoticed by its readers, and this font absolutely fails that test. It's goofy and bloated. It looks like a balloon animal. It feels like my seven year old son selected this typeface. AND IT'S EVERYWHERE! From Roll20's homepage to the headers in the VTT's text editor. It's driving me crazy! I understand that as brands develop, they need to evolve. But this is a step backward. Who chose this? Why was this a necessary change? I groan every time I load the website, and multiple times I've needed to use Chrome's CSS inspector to manually nix the typeface because I'm *just so tired* of looking at it. I have some other minor concerns about the new health bubbles overlapping one another, their ugly rounded corners, and the GUI changes that have been implemented in the past months. But I swear to god, I will overlook all of that if this one request is considered by whomever has the power to change it. Please revert the CSS, or go with something else that isn't Nunito. Or give me an option to do that myself. I'd be happy with Arial. Hell, I'd be happy with Comic Sans (I'm kidding, don't do that). But please please please, spare me from having to peel my eyes open to behold this Cthulhu-level-madness-inducing font. EDIT: After submitting my post, the entire wall of text looked bold. I tried to edit it, but found out to my absolute joy (/s) that trying to make the text bold did absolutely nothing at all. The default and bold options are the same. Aaaaarrrrgh!
Agreed, it looks like something for kindergarden.
Its awful, and the color is as well. Its specifically garish to someone like me with colorblindness and is a step back in accessibility and appearance. 
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It's so bad, and particularly ill-fitting style choices for a Roleplaying Games website. It would be ok for something like a preschool, or a candy brand. It looks almost exactly like Dunkin' Donuts logo font. It's Roll20 with sprinkles on top. Please, Roll20, rethink the Fonts and Colors on the website currently. Namely, especially, the Pink color (use it as highlights, not on bold title fonts), and the Round Font Choice (the font that matches Dunkin Donuts).

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I enjoy seeing the "Roll20" logo and "Roll20's New Typeface..." displayed next to each other at the top of this page. /s If your own brand name looks stupid in a font of your choosing, perhaps the font was a poor choice?
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