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Rollable Tokens Not Rolling HP When Placed on Map


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Hey all, Created roll-able tokens for CoS game I'm running but now when I drop the tokens on the map it just pastes the hp formula on the hp bar instead of rolling the hp. Example below and a shot of the token settings which are the same as all other monsters tokens Only happens on the roll-able tokens and they worked fine before on the original tokens set up the same way, not the end of the world but would like to just drag and drop. Any tips on what I may be doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.
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See if the problem continues if you deactivate VTTES. Also, what are your token bar assignment settings in the character sheet section (the bottom third) of your games settings page?
Hey Keith, Short Version; Found a solution by installing the MonsterHitDice API and all is working as it should with those tokens. longer version, when I turned off VTTES it stopped entering anything into bar1 on token drop. Figuring thats whats rolling the hp I turned it back on and changed the Bar1 from HP to nothing in the VTTES Edit Config settings and nothing populated into bar1 when I dropped tokens on the map. Switched it back to HP in the Edit Config and nothing populated on token drop still. So no idea what was going on with that and just installed MonsterHitDice API. Token bar assignment for bar 1 value, and bar 1 max were/are both set to hp_max in games settings page. By the way I see you in almost every forum post I've read with great solutions and tips for roll20 users, so I really appreciate what you do for the community here. Your a rockstar.
When did this function become available without API?