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PLEASE FIX NEVER WHISPER ROLLS BUG - It is presently impossible to set entire game to "Never Whisper Rolls"

Dear Roll20, There is a bug which prevents GMs from being able to reset all characters/players/npc/monsters back to "Never Whisper Rolls". It is documented clearly here. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> You can change your game from "Never Whisper Rolls" to any other setting, such as "Always Whisper Rolls". BUT YOU CAN NEVER CHANGE IT BACK.&nbsp; Unaware of this bug, I changed my whisper setting from NEVER to ALWAYS and now I can't change it back. So now I'm faced with having to change over 100 monsters and NPCs back to "Never Whisper Rolls" one by one. The first screenshot shows the APPLY DEFAULT SETTINGS button which allows a GM to change the whisper setting for the entire game. This button is available for WHISPER TOGGLE, QUERY WHISPER and ALWAYS WHISPER ROLLS. The button is missing if the desired choice is&nbsp; NEVER WHISPER ROLLS.&nbsp; Roll20, would you please fix this bug so that when the GM selects NEVER WHISPER ROLLS under the game settings the button to apply the change appears in&nbsp; APPLY DEFAULT SETTINGS ? Thank you kindly.&nbsp;

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The forums are primarily for users helping users rather than a place to inform the Devs of a bug. I suggest filing a bug report via the Roll20 Help Center .

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The character sheets (working) have this defined for the Never Whisper Rolls option: &lt;option value="" data-i18n="never-whisper-roll"&gt;Never Whisper Rolls&lt;/option&gt; While the game settings page (not working) has this defined for the Never Whisper Rolls option: &lt;option value&gt;Never Whisper Rolls&lt;/option&gt;
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The problem (as stated in Thruster's link above) is that the setting sets a value to be either "/w gm", a query, or a blank value "", which is prepended to thee output of the sheet. The bug is that the game settings page balks on trying to set a blank value (no whisper). This has been known and reported for years. It has not been changed.
Keith, thank you for your original post and for your reply. You at least saved me a lot of flailing by so clearly documenting the bug.&nbsp; &nbsp; I'm grateful.&nbsp; For now I changed all the NPC to TOGGLE and am manually changing the character back to NEVER (again). Jim, thank you for your reply. I'm not an expert with APIs, so I'm not sure how to use the information you provided. Is there a way to change all the sheets in my game back to "Never Whisper Rolls".&nbsp;
Probably best to ask support to fix your campaign so the "Never Whisper Rolls" option is default.