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Adjusting crit number to 19/20

Can it be done with these sheets?
Forum Champion
The NPC sheets do not have a field for adjusting the critical. Instead I use either the PC sheet or a Token Action macro for NPCs that have different criticals. If you need help making that let me know. 
Token action I Guess it’ll be can’t really read it on my phone I’ll have to look when I’m back at my computer.  If you want to respond with the token acton for a 19/20 crit range generic macro I’ll fill in the weapons later. 
Doh, not my game can't throw my token down to see the token actions I actually have no idea how to add in the crit range @{Giff Gunslinger|wtype}&{template:npcfullatk} {{attack=1}} {{damage=1}} {{dmg1flag=1}}  @{Giff Gunslinger|npc_name_flag} {{rname=Pistol Right hand 1st Shot}} {{r1=[[@{Giff Gunslinger|d20}+(10+0)]]}} @{Giff Gunslinger|rtype}+(10+0)]]}} {{dmg1=[[1d10+5+0]]}} {{dmg1type=Piercing}} {{dmg2=[[+0]]}} {{dmg2type=}} {{crit1=[[1d10+0]]}} {{crit2=[[+0]]}} {{description=}} @{Giff Gunslinger|charname_output} is the output of my skill i made on my own test page to see how it works help? :)

Edited 1663885254
Forum Champion
Bolded sections are the added critical hit threshold: @{Giff Gunslinger|wtype}&{template:npcfullatk} {{attack=1}} {{damage=1}} {{dmg1flag=1}}  @{Giff Gunslinger|npc_name_flag} {{rname=Pistol Right hand 1st Shot}} {{r1=[[@{Giff Gunslinger|d20} cs>19 +(10+0)]]}} @{Giff Gunslinger|rtype} cs>19 +(10+0)]]}} {{dmg1=[[1d10+5+0]]}} {{dmg1type=Piercing}} {{dmg2=[[+0]]}} {{dmg2type=}} {{crit1=[[1d10+0]]}} {{crit2=[[+0]]}} {{description=}} @{Giff Gunslinger|charname_output}

Edited 1663886926
In the past I've edited the NPC's "d20" attribute to be something like "1d20cs>19".