Join my FREE game online TTRPG on Roll20 and Discord called Firewinds of the Seas &nbsp; YOU MUST HAVE DISCORD AND A MIC We post when we are going to play in our discord and use discord voice chat in our games.&nbsp; &nbsp; 18+ WITH GROSS VIOLENCE AND HORRIBLE LANGUAGE&nbsp; Or at least be 16 and act like and sound like you are 18, and never tell us you're not.&nbsp; &nbsp; THIS IS NOT DND 5E&nbsp; It's ok that&nbsp;you don't know how to play this game,&nbsp; I will help you. It's designed to be easy to learn. When you start, all macros are already made for your character sheet. I will tell you when and where to click a button to roll until you figure it out yourself. If you want to read the rules to the games system or download the forms, go to the&nbsp; &nbsp; firewindsoftheseas website &nbsp; THE MAGIC SYSTEM AND SPELLS ARE DIFFERENT THAN DND 5E If you want to use magic you will need to read the spellcasters guide and spells up to the level you are before you try to cast a spell.&nbsp; &nbsp; THIS IS A CLASSLESS AND RACELESS&nbsp; RPG SYSTEM&nbsp; You are a barbarian/wizard/rogue/assassin/healer/bard - you can (and will need to) do it all - you don't have to count on party members to save you . You are not prohibited from doing things by stupid class and race restrictions designed to disable your character.&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; YOU DON'T NEED TO WASTE HOURS MAKING A CHARACTER TO START Your first game you are a redshirt - a 0 level character with crappy stats who will likely get killed. After you play a game and if I like you I will invite you to make a character and continue playing. I made it simple to learn and make characters.&nbsp; &nbsp; YOU DON'T NEED A BACKSTORY TO START Your starting role will be a supporting character that helps our “Royalty Players”. The story and plot is written around them and their backstory. If you play with us on a regular basis you will become a royalty player and the story will evently be written around your backstory.&nbsp; &nbsp; THIS IS A PLAY WHEN YOU CAN SERVER - it is OK to JOIN LATE - or - LEAVE EARLY - or - MISS SESSIONS.&nbsp; We have a great group of 3-5 players that play about 2-5 times a week or whenever we can.&nbsp; When you leave or don't show up your character will walk away or rejoin the party, but the story will always go on with or without you. It would be great to set a time/day when everyone can play but we are not going to skip just cause someone can't make it. we take the summers off and will be starting now that it is fall. &nbsp; FOLLOW THE STORY, DONT BE A MURDER HOBO, BE A HERO&nbsp; This is a hybrid between a campaign and a one shot, Only a limited amount of railroading when necessary to advance the story in an endless open world setting. This is a story of heros- not murder hobos rapists, if you want to be a murder hobo rapist please find friends somewhere else.&nbsp; We love to hate on people that are mean, selfish, greedy, demand special treatment or are disruptive to the game or story line, and will throw you out of it if you are. &nbsp; BE COOL, We play to be social and make friends. If your not a nice person who wants to make friends and hang out with others and help each other you're probably not going to fit in. if you just want to kill things go play a first person shooter, if you just want to roleplay go play sims online, if you want to bond and fight for glory with fantasy friends to save the kingdom come join us.&nbsp;&nbsp; ORIGINAL CONTENT AND ORIGINAL CREATURES This is a pre-gunpowder medieval weapon fantasy game with medieval weapons and homebrew creatures and homebrew magic. You won't be playing any worn out modules. The world is a vast collection of many medieval islands and many types of cryptid beasts and creatures. Your God has blessed you with a few spells and prayers to protect you and help you against your enemies, but you will have to fight with your weapons and courage if you want to succeed.&nbsp; &nbsp; We record our games for future youtube use or podcasts and by playing you consent to releasing all rights to any ideas or content you produce and the use of your voice and likeness, we will not use your full name or release personal information about you. &nbsp; join the game here and look for our discord link in the comments to see when we are going to play next&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp; If you have a group of 3 or more close friends and a set time when you all meet weekly or bi weekly I can run a free private game for you and your friends. I also play an ongoing pick up game a few times a week whenever we can get a few players. I will message everyone on discord when it starts, or can answer any of your questions there.&nbsp;