Allowing the "Overlap" option to only happen when we select the bottom Token... As it is, it's visually unpleasant, even more so when the tokens are close to each other. Before you had to change the Token fo front or to back to see the bars, and despite being a manual action, at least you could choose when that happened. Now, it is impossible to "see the token" when, depending on the shape of the token, the slash is always on top. I know they added an option to only show when hovering over, but at least insert another option to ALWAYS show a specific token (or token category). I as a DM would like to have a clear view of everyone's health bars and names, but I would also like these bars and names not to be on top "always". Also, I like to use some tokens as effects "meters" or other numbers... even if there was an option to hide these numbers, it would be a good idea not to hide the ones I marked to always be visible. If I played 1 token for each grid in a 9x9, the ones below would have their bars on top of the ones above. If you follow my suggestion, if that happened, just click on the one you want to see the information on (without the need to change to front). Another suggestion is that ALL SELECTED TOKENS always show the bar, and not just when the mouse is over it.