Hey, So... you wanna be a Runner eh? Well, Chum, you wouldn't be the first. Let's get this Straight, a run in Los Angelas ain't no milk run- no matter which fixer you talk to. Job to just deliver a package, oh you bet the feds will be on your ass the second you pull up. You bet your Fragged ass that within minutes your decker is paste on the asfault and you got a cyber zombie ripping your guts out.  But... I can tell ya real easy... my runs least will give you a chance to come out the other end without needing a medic to sew you back together ya hear? well.... in any case I have some work for ya... Simple stuff.... Deliver a package, heheh. --------- Howdy! I am Satyr Sempai, and I am a DM looking for 2-4 players for a Shadowrun game I hope to run- a Small team of Runners for some "simple milk runs"  I am gonna be using Shadowrun 4e for my game (mostly because I preffer 4e over the other systems, and actually haven't played 5e.  For those Unfamiliar with Shadowrun, Imagine Cyberpunk, add in some fantasy races like orcs, dwarves, and elves, then slather it all with a heavy layer of Bladerunner, and you have yourself Shadowrun.  As for details about running the game- I hope to Run the games on thursdays at 6pm EST for 2-3 hours a session. Most of the games will be Roleplay and Interaction with NPC, Combat will be very Run-and-gun short and sweet. Combat in my game will be a *try to avoid* situation more than anything major.  I am hoping for some low end Runners, nothing to major using the Basic Creation rules, For the most part  I don't wanna have any players that go hard into Decking and Cyberspace rules, so I am looking mostly for players who are more into the Physical side of Shadowrun and Cyberpunk :P  If you are interested, Please contact me on discord Via: Satyr Sempai#7491