Greetings to all! My name is Mark and I have created a server dedicated to providing a free Dungeons and Dragons experience for the entire community. We have been fortunate and have taken on a few new DM’s that agree with the concept that playing D&D is for everyone and is better enjoyed free of charge! We accept all walks of life; if you have a pulse, an imagination and are good a natured individual, this is the place for you. A couple of our DM’s are actively seeking players and I can promise that if you become a member of the community, you will be with likeminded individuals that love to play Dungeons and Dragons! One shots are held throughout the month and there are static games that could require players in the future if someone’s schedule were to change. So come on down to the Sword and Anvil – your next adventure awaits! Message me for and invite link and I will happily comply! Please, only join if you intend on being an active member of the community. Culling (so to speak) happens on a regular basis to weed out those who are never on and or never say anything. We are currently seeking DM's that are on off hours from EST. The servers main time zone is EST, however, games are being held at different times of the day.  Thanks for reading! Be safe