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Ability to Add Custom Spells, Magic Items, etc. To "Game Compendium"

I've been running a campaign on Roll20 now for almost 5.5 years. I've accumulated a lot of stuff needed to run the game on this platform, maps, npc character sheets, tokens, the works. Because I'm running a homebrew setting, I've also accumulated a TON of homebrew content. Getting this content to my players has always been a pain-point via Roll20 though. Any homebrew Spells, Items, or Abilities don't really have a place they can be neatly stored within the systems at hand. I've taken to using handouts, categorized into subfolders to store these kinds of things (Similar to how I would use Item or Spell cards at the table). Many of the VTT versions of books and supplements I've bought from the marketplace currently do the same (Besides the official stuff) I'm not sure if this has been suggested before, but what I think would be useful is the ability to add custom content like this to a separate compendium that was associated with the game (Or the gamemaster's vault). That way the homebrew content could be searched via the compendium tab just like anything else for quick lookup, and if the content was created with some kind of template system it could be potentially dragged and dropped onto a character sheet as well. This would help to automate the process of granting a new homebrew spell, ability, feature, item, etc. and help keep things more organized and easier to find than hundreds of handouts stored in subfolders within the journal. The tool could potentially be extended as well. Being able to share your homebrew content between games you DM or even between players. It could potentially even open a new avenue in the marketplace and for VTT supported content to be more easily searchable in the games its been added to.
Yes, please!
Roll20 Dev Team
Roll20 Team
Thanks for the suggestion! After 30 days, Suggestions and Ideas with fewer than 10 votes are closed and the votes are refunded to promote freshness. Your suggestion didn't build the right momentum this time, but feel free to submit it again! We find that the best suggestions describe the problem you are having, and the solution you want. You can learn more about the process of making suggestions on the Roll20 Wiki! More details can be found here .