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Strange dice results in Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition setting

Hi,  I'm currently playing a Pulp Cthulhu and Call of Cthulhu campaign with the Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition setting for the character sheet and we have a bug. While rolling D100 dices, my three players regularly get the same results : 88, 77, 55, several times per game (each at least 5 times had the 88 result per 4 hours session) and sometimes even the same result several times in a row (three times 88 in a row for example). Yesterday all my players get a 88 while rolling the same test! It got to the point where we systematically roll the die again when someone get a double, whatever it is... We get these results from D100 dice rolled directly from the character sheet, or from the D100 macro I've created. I think we've tried also D100 from the side bar in roll20 app. I don't think we have the same kind of bug on any other dice rolls. It happened several times, during at least ten game sessions and it has become like a running gag...  88 again and again...  And it's not very immersive for Call of Cthulhu... The problem is this character sheet is perfect for everything else and I would like to keep it for my game. Is there a known bug on this setting? Do you have the same bug or are we alone?  For what it's worth, I think we all have WIndows, and we're all experiencing Roll20 on a updated Firefox. All my 3 players have the same bug. Thanks a lot for your answers.
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Fun fact about humans, we see patterns in everything, even on things without a pattern such as random things. The odds that three d100s in a row are the same is only 1 in 10,000 (100^3/100). 1 in 10,000 may seem like unlikely odds, but considering the number of rolls made every day on Roll20 it is likely someone on Roll20 is going to see it every day.  From what I understand Roll20's dice roller has been rigorously tested. As long as you see the QuantumRoll mark on your rolls they should be good. LINK
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Just to add to what Gauss has said - the quantum roll server is entirely decoupled from your browser, your OS, the character sheet and game system. In short, the roll server has no idea what character sheet you're using, what your character name is or what the roll will be used for. It just gets the request "roll 3 100-sided dice", does so, and returns the results.

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Ok... thanks for your answers. Never mind, I will try another system for rolling dices. "Pattern" or not, this "88 thing" was too annoying and distracting in my CoC games :) I guess I already know the answer but... Is it possible to roll dices in Roll20 without this Quantum Roll system? Is it an option I can deactivate or not?

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Not with a free account, no. With a Pro account you could use JS's inbuilt math functions, or the randomInteger helper function. Both are inferior to the quantum roll server in terms of randomess, and you'd need to replace every roll button on the sheet if you want to be able to click rolls from it. FWIW, here are 10 rolls of 1000d100, counting all occurrences of 88: It's below the expected return of 10 88's per 1000 rolls, though 10,000 rolls isn't a paricularly impressive sample for such a big die size. It's certainly not showing any bias towards 88, but it doesnt sound like anything will convince you there's no sorcery afoot. Also, how many rolls are your players making in a session? If they're making around 20 rolls an hour, they've got a 92% chance of rolling at least one 88.

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Just to answer your last question (and after that I stop bothering you with my "88 bad mojo" :) )  :  I took a look at the chat log of our last session and my 3 players rolled D100 dice 148 times (cumulative not each one of them). They got 22 times the 88 number (once again cumulative) and on one occasion one of them rolled 88 three times in a row. Later during the game, they all rolled 88 on their Sanity check (we had a good laugh at this moment...  :D ). And i t's more or less the same each 3 or 4 hours session we play. I'm bad at calculating probabilities but it seemed strange occurence to us. Maybe we're wrong.  No problem we'll use something else. :) Thanks again for your answers.
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olivier d. said: I'm bad at calculating probabilities but it seemed strange occurence to us. Maybe we're wrong.  And this is why I said humans see patterns. :) It literally will happen to someone, somewhere. If it wasn't 88s, it would be 66s or 55s, or something else.  In order to give humans the perception of randomness the dice roller has to be NOT random. It has to remember its rolls and "pick something else". That wouldn't be a random dice roller though.  Fun fact, physical dice are less random than the number generator. Many are misshapen and weighted in some fashion. How people roll them can often influence where they land. I once knew a guy that could roll the same numbers on d6s more often than not, he had the hand movement down. He would've been tossed out of any casino (they spot for that sort of thing).