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Cannot set default tokens

So I've been building a game for a while, and I've been setting default tokens for some of my NPCs that I anticipate will be recurring, and it's been working just fine. However, today I decided to work on some more NPC sheets, and I've found that when I select a token and click on the "Use selected token" button on the character sheet to set my default token, nothing happens. When I have a token selected, it lights up to tell me it is clickable, as it normally should, but clicking on it doesn't do anything. I've removed 1 or 2 other default tokens from other NPC sheets in order to see if I can re-apply them, and I cannot set those tokens to be default again either. I've tried reloading my tab, leaving and re-entering the game, as well as opening and closing my entire browser, but the "use selected token" button remains unresponsive. I'm on firefox and I haven't changed any addons or installed any updates since yesterday, and the default token button worked just fine yesterday. Any thoughts? Bug, or did I just become an idiot overnight?
I was about to write a similar topic. I'm unable to upload default tokens. It usually takes a few seconds, now the option seems greyed out. I did not change any option or setting.
Having the same issue. Isn't tied to a particular game, browser, and I disabled my extensions. Seems to be any 5E character sheet as well, regardless of type. 
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Confirmed, letting the Devs know. 
Yeah same here 
Same problem.  At first I thought it was only with multi-sided tokens but no.  It's with all tokens.
Roll20 Team
We've released a fix, thank you for your patience! Let us know if you keep having token issues.
It seems resolved for me, thank you.
Problem solved, thank you for the quick fix! :-)