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How do I link animations to spells?

I recently purchased an animated spells pack from the marketplace but now realize I have no idea how to set it up in a game.  The set was "Animated Spells Set: Vol. 2" by Matt M.  These now show up in game in my premium assets, under marketplace purchases.  I can drag them onto the map and they function exactly as I would expect.  My question now is, how do I link those to spells?  For example, when I cast "Burning Hands" I want the animation to play from my character without me having to click and drag it over from my library every time.  I am a plus level subscriber if that makes a difference.  Thanks in advance!
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Without access to scripts you are a little limited, but the most common method for Free and Plus users is to attach each spell animation to a character sheet as its default token. If you don't add any extra data to the character, it does not bloat your game unduly. With them as default tokens, they will drag onto the VTT appropriately pre-sized.
David M.
API Scripter
Unfortunately, even with Mod Script access the result will be unreliable and/or broken. Roll20 scripts triggering animations has never worked quite right. They will sometimes play once and stop, or not play at all. If they did, the Spawn or SmartAoE scripts could both do what you are asking. But like Keith said, this would require the game owner to have a Pro sub.
Well it was worth a shot.  Thanks for the responses!  I'll just stick to the animated backgrounds for now :)