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Token Bars VERY hard to read now

Just logged in and the token bars have changed again.... Not as garish, but the numbers are almost unreadable
Agreed. It's really bad. You either have to zoom in to 200% or (Tip) change the bar color to something fairly dark. Even then, I still can't make it out as easily as before. Please revert this, I'd really like to avoid having to squint throughout a game session.
I agree, and I had to come to the forum just to make sure the problem wasn't just me.
I just don't understand how they don't see this stuff before pushing to live.
Coming here to say, I was already having trouble reading the new stuff a month ago and now it's just impossible for me to see the numbers at all without extreme zoom.  Please revert.
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Confirmed, mentioning this to the Devs.
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I'm running a game tonight, introducing "How to edit your HP bar" to the New Players, and have their Tokens set-up perfectly in advance. What's the reason for the change? Looked good during GM Prep last week...  New HP Bar font appearance looks somewhat harder to read: I think it is a thinner Font, or maybe became Unbolded? It still has the white text with black outlines, which is good, but the strokes on the numbers look thinner.

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For anyone having this issue, please supply screenshots of the entire board, at 100% zoom . It will be the best method to document what you are seeing. 
Roll20 Team
Thanks for your reports here, folks—looks like our change today to the text stroke that made tokens more legible for many use cases at a higher zoom level had an unintended effect here. We're actively working on a fix and I expect it to be out soon. Thanks again!
Roll20 Team
This change is now live. Apologies for any disruption!