Hello everyone, and welcome to spoopy season eve! We've got some jam packed release notes this week, s o  I'll just get right to it! September 26, 2022 Updates made to correct a bug where whisper roll settings weren’t always appearing in the apply default settings tool for D&D 5e character sheet. September 27, 2022 Rolled back change where the token bar's fields are disabled when the bar is configured to use an attribute from the character sheet. September 29, 2022 A pasted image URL ending in .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, or .png in chat now appears as an image in chat rather than a link. Token bars and radial menu bubbles now have a transparency option via the color picker under Personalization & Display. Fixed an issue where the opacity of the token bar overlay and nameplate were not matching the opacity of the token image on the GM layer. Fixed an issue where token bar overlay displayed on Map layer. Fixed an issue with the text shadow when zoomed in on token bars. Updated VTT settings styling for legibility in dark mode. As always, those who want to stay as up-to-date as possible, our  change log  is updated as releases come out. Cheers!