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LFG Interest Check RWBY Unofficial Tabletop RPG

Hey everyone! I'm searching around for a group of players looking to run the RWBY Unofficial Tabletop RPG. It seems no matter where I search I come across dead ends when searching for groups. I'm here to see if there's still interest floating about here for games ran in that system. I haven't quite played the system yet, but I have read the rule book, and I have a fair bit of experience with D&D. Anyways, I look forward to hearing your responses, and maybe even getting a game together!
I might potentially be interested, though I'm unfamiliar with this system. Doesn't mean I'm not willing to learn though.
Good to hear! The more interest we can drum up the better! I have a few other leads I am looking into now. I'll keep this place updated.
I am interested in joining and learning the system myself. so please count me in
Fantastic! That puts us at potentially 3 players so far. I'm talking to another guy right now who might be able to point us in the right direction to find more people. Though, at this rate we might get enough people from roll20 itself. 
That is fair, and depending how you do this, normally in Rwby have groups of 4. so almost there. I am speaking as the teams and such
id be interested if there was still a spot  
Four is about the norm for a tabletop party anyways, and with RWBY 4 members was the concept to have team names be readable/a cool idea with initials, though we don't have to go that route and necessarily constrain ourselves.
true, but it is a rather interesting thing for team names. anyways guess up to what the dm wants. i have a few ideas for characters and weapons.

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looks fairly open to any playstyle and build. how have i not heard of this till now 
I would be open for the game if a space is still available.
Well, it seems this post alone has attracted enough people for us to get rolling on getting a game started. If everyone who has responded here is still interested we can get to planning everything out. The first step would be figuring out who the DM is going to be. We should also start planning around schedules. From there we can probably get to work on session 0 things.
As for the DM side of things, I can't say I'm in a position to DM this one unfortunately.
I would rather be the player. also should we make a discord server so we can discuss this stuff off of a thread
I think a server would be helpful and I'm also leaning more towards player.
Whoops, I got in trouble. I sent the link out privately to everyone.