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DM looking for players AND a second DM to run a large online 5E homebrew/published mix sandbox campaign


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Hello! I'm looking for both&nbsp; players and a second DM &nbsp;to run a huge&nbsp; 5E &nbsp;homebrew campaign I've been working on for the last two years. My friends and I are welcoming to all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds. When it comes down to it, we'll be deciding if we think you're a good fit based on a conversation we have with you. This campaign can&nbsp; start anywhere, finish anywhere, and last any amount of time. &nbsp;My friends and I love to play, and the development of the campaign will be entirely what the party makes it. It could be one adventure or a hundred, it's totally in the air. &nbsp; (Basic intro, disclaimers, details of process): It will be&nbsp; based around a custom homebrew setting &nbsp;of my own creation, but I've&nbsp; included many different published modules &nbsp;in it as well. The platform we use for maps, encounters, and that sort of thing will depend on the experience levels and preferences of the group. I'm reasonably versed in multiple platforms, and can always accommodate new ideas. I have my own discord server we'll be using to communicate with and hang out on, full of features. You'll be invited to it once you're invited to the campaign. I think&nbsp; a party of 5 or 6 would be perfect, unless I'm successful in finding a second DM . If I do, I could expand the party. I already have two friends I play with regularly, so currently we're looking for 2-3 more players. This campaign will&nbsp; optimally be 21+, but 18+ will be considered &nbsp;on a case-by-case basis. This will definitely be NSFW (to an extent, just definitely not clean enough for children or nuclear families) and will&nbsp; include some heavy themes &nbsp;due to the wide range of content I'm including. Of course, I'll be passing out a consent form to all my players to gauge what everyone is interested in and comfortable participating in. I won't necessarily be using any specific kind of content contained within the form (some are pretty over the top), but I think it's just good to know the&nbsp; full extent &nbsp;of what my players are comfortable with. As a DM, I personally have no specific limitations. I'm open to including all manner of gore, violence, erotic content, etc., but all of it will be based on the responses of my players. I'm definitely&nbsp; a few months out (2-3) &nbsp;from being comfortable running the first several sessions of the campaign, but I'll be&nbsp; ready to receive characters any time &nbsp;as I'm going to&nbsp; heavily draw from backstories to develop the story &nbsp;and lore. I know that may be a good bit of time to wait for a campaign, but this won't be a normal campaign. I'm going to put everything I have into making it extremely immersive for each and every player. So........ &nbsp; All in all, without further ado, it's my great pleasure presenting to you: Ender the Tender's: Members Only - Carnival of Nightmares, Madness, and Splendor &nbsp; This is going to be a wild&nbsp; sandbox campaign &nbsp;with numerous activities, a&nbsp; sandbox Coliseum &nbsp;to fight inside of crazy settings and dungeons (including aquatic battles),&nbsp; dragons &nbsp;spread across the map,&nbsp; political drama &nbsp;including a royal faction and several prominent houses, various&nbsp; cults , Greek/Roman gods, traditional D&amp;D deities, eldritch horrors, aquatic adventures, and&nbsp; much more . While this is&nbsp; loosely based on a traditional classical/renaissance theme &nbsp;like a lot of common modules, I will also be including many types of&nbsp; magic-based machinery . The Coliseum is akin to a wonder of the world, and contains&nbsp; environments that can shift and change in real-time based &nbsp;on the encounters I build inside of it. There are many waterfalls and water features around the island that include dams and locks, there are mechanical lifts and machine-based mounts, and&nbsp; underground cities &nbsp;full of industrious communities. I'll also be including&nbsp; dinosaurs &nbsp;as mounts, pets, and monsters. I have&nbsp; several monster sourcebooks &nbsp;and will likely be designing my own creatures as well. I might even mess around and somehow include a terrasque (or something similarly impressive) somewhere down the line. My main setting is an island called&nbsp; Vintner's Vale . It's a kind of&nbsp; multiversal nexus , and is already pretty big. The island&nbsp; contains most earthly biomes &nbsp;including rainforest/jungle, temperate and boreal forests, deserts, fertile valleys, grassland plains, mountainous environments, tundra/artic areas, firelands and a volcano, a city in the sky, sandy beaches, and&nbsp; numerous islands . The&nbsp; other planes are accessible &nbsp;as well. I'll be&nbsp; continuously filling it with more and more details &nbsp;like cities and settlements, and player actions will heavily influence the biomes, settlements, political developments, and peoples. For the players that are interested, I'll also be creating a very&nbsp; in-depth crafting and building system &nbsp;for weapons, artifacts, buildings, etc. At some point, there's even the possibility of&nbsp; large-scale wars between cults and factions &nbsp;that you may get to participate in, depending on your choices and adventures throughout the campaign. I'm hoping to eventually reach level 20, and I'm open to going beyond level 20 with prestige classes. I want this to be challenging for the party and myself as a DM. As of right now, being a kind of multiversal nexus, I have&nbsp; several published modules aside from my custom content &nbsp;contained within the Vale itself, as well as the ability to&nbsp; warp spacetime to travel to different lands/planes &nbsp;and have adventures in other published modules. &nbsp; (Modules included): &nbsp; So far, just within the Vale, the modules accessible&nbsp; without &nbsp;spacetime travel include (but are not limited to): Strixhaven Wild Beyond the Witchlight Icewind Dale Rise of Tiamat Ghosts of Saltmarsh There are also&nbsp; various portals and entrances &nbsp;scattered throughout the Vale to: Critical Role's Wildemount Mythic Odyssey of Theros Arkadia Storm King's Thunder Baldur's Gate/Avernus Ravnica If the party so desires, I can also&nbsp; include some smaller adventures &nbsp;from: Tales from the Yawning Portal Dragon Heist - Tomb of Annihilation The Great Dale Princes of the Apocalypse Others available upon request. Between the three of us already in, we own most any source you could possibly imagine, and have access to many more if the need arises. &nbsp; (Character creation details): &nbsp; If you would like, you're welcome to use&nbsp; any homebrew and third party content, or any level of ridiculous joke characters &nbsp;you wish. If you really want to, we can even&nbsp; discuss making more than one character and playing different roles &nbsp;throughout, both inside and outside the main party. You can even mess around and&nbsp; help me by playing some temporary characters &nbsp;if you want. I might try to include a&nbsp; text-based model on the side , but that's&nbsp; TBD . My&nbsp; only requirement for creation &nbsp;is that your character has a&nbsp; good reason to travel &nbsp;to Vintner's Vale&nbsp; or already be there &nbsp;when we start, such as the following: Vacation to a distant land Escape to a remote island/Running away from something Various merchants looking to start a business in a foreign land Getting lost while traveling far away at sea Characters finding their way into the Vale from the Feywilds/underdark/Shadowfell Characters native to the Vale (you can and will find a huge variety of races native to the setting) Etc. , very&nbsp; detailed backstories are optional . If you want to keep it simple and work as you go, I'm fine with that too, just know I'll be asking you to&nbsp; put some effort into working with me &nbsp;on your character development. &nbsp; &nbsp; Based on everybody's preference, we can either start within my custom setting or start within a specific setting, such as Strixhaven or the Witchlight Carnival, and move on to the other modules at will.&nbsp; Anything is possible. &nbsp;If someone wants me to&nbsp; include additional modules , I'm happy to put the work in to include them in the campaign. We can stay within my custom content the whole time, include just a few modules in addition, or try to include all of them in some way.&nbsp; One-shots &nbsp;are on the table.&nbsp; Text-based &nbsp;is optional and TBD. Depending on your desires, I'm willing to run adventures that take anywhere from a single day to multiple years.&nbsp; It's all up to the party. If you'd only like to show up a few times here and there as a guest at the table, that's fine as well. I'm willing to work with you. Not everybody can manage regular sessions. If all of this is something you'd be interested in, please take a few minutes to&nbsp; fill out this google form &nbsp;for your preferences: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> and add me on&nbsp; Discord at ChancellorP#5811 &nbsp;.
Filled up the form, hope to hear from you :)
API Scripter
Filled out the form, looking forward to hearing back from you ^^