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Token bar of tokens in "GM Info Overlay" visible in "Objects & Tokens" layer even with no GM Overlay Opacity

Hi, I realized today for the first time that for tokens that I moved from the "Objects & Tokens" layer to the "GM Overlay" layer some parts, e.g. the token bar or the name plate, remain visible. This is somewhat disturbing and I assume it is not intended. Please take a look at the picture attached here. There are numbers visible that belong to the tokens that you cannot see anymore.  Usually you want to have things "out of the way" when you put them in the GM layer and set the opacity to zero. That does not work (anymore). Has anybody else realized that? Can I get rid of this effect with different settings? Any idea? We play "Icewind Dale" and I use Google Chrome as browser.  Ulf.  
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This is a known bug that is being worked on. Rest assured that they are not visible to players at any rate.
Yes, my players did not see these "artefacts". At least I know that it is not my mistake ;-) Thanks for your answer and support!