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Starfinder Mech Character Sheets - Melee Mech Attack Bonus & MP Calculation Errors

Related to weapon costs being integer and/or float values, Melee Attack Bonus and MC Costs have bugs. I have a mech with +8 for Tier 2 and +1 melee from Powerful Arms (+9 total). For some reason, regardless of changing these values it always give a +16 to melee, not counting operator bonus. When the cost is an integer value on a new sheet, the bonus comes in as NaN. Changing it to a float value makes it +16, and it does not seem to update with further changes. MP total seems to have some calculation issues. Discovered when weapon costs were a mixture of integer and float values, but it may affect elsewhere too.
Just wait and see when you try to use the mech sheet in combat...............  Totally unusable as clicking attacks from any drag and dropped weapons still does not work......... Known issue since just after it came out sadly.  Unless someone figured out a way to circumvent that by now, but not me or any other Starfinder that I know of to date Tom :(