open times in PT/UTC-8: tue or wed 3pm-9pm,  fri 3pm-late, sun. 10am-9pm Looking for DnD5e Prefer a sandbox but a WoC module is cool too. And while WoC modules are what they are, I do feel that, Avert the Apocalyptic Doom of our Times, is looking a bit well worn these days as a story to go into. Maybe if it's not a WoC module, then something a bit scaled back and more focused on the PC party's adventures would feel fresh? RP XP: Many years of RP xp on me. Both sides of the screen, so of course i really wanna be a player at this time. I'll be sure to know my PC mechanics, but i don't backseat drive/not a rules lawyer. Xp in several different systems, and each has it's own appeal for me. I'd not say i have a favorite, they each scratch their own itch as it were, and DnD sword and sorcery adventures are what itch on me right now. My RP style: I'm fairly easy going and flexible. There's no point in being part of a party to me, if you're not interested in going with the flow of the group, you know just to find out where that goes. Co-op story telling is what all this is about to me at heart. To that end i do not show up with any "this is the character i plan to play" ideas. We can't exactly have a plan that the party works out, if they are assembled from RNG. So for me session zero is when we discuss and find out what our party MO will be, and then use that to inform character creation. Of course meet n greet/forced together by circumstance is not an unreasonable way to start. But that can include the players knowing what sort of group they plan to be and crafting characters they know would reasonably fit in/get along in such a group. We can even go in 100% blind, IF we are all willing to find out who did form a party and who was not invited or walked away from that. As long as we are all also willing to be who that was and now needing to make a new character that would be invited to hang out by the PCs that did form a party. But that is of course some pretty advance RPing to do, and I'd not find it safe to assume that goes off smoothly unless everyone was planed up and already ready for that possibility. I would say that if it works out, i will general play a PC that shines more outside of combat situations, and probably needs to be carried in combat a bit. But that all depends on what the table vibe is, and so again, i do not show up already knowing the PC i want to play, because the PC i want to play most is the one i think is an interesting fit to the party they are part of. Oh and to be sure i'm clear, i'm not speaking about picking what class to be after everyone else for that balanced party notion. I mean The Character of the character fitting to the party well in an interesting way, not mechanical class meshing/meta gaming. I don't generally voice act but instead narrate my PCs. Though i may find their voice and under the right conditions speak first hand for them. I can be a long term campaigner, easy for me to stay committed to a time slot. And I am not really interested in one off events, but looking a longer term camping of at least many weeks to many months or more. tech details: roll20 or fantasy grounds, not really interested in adding more online accounts to the list. discord, good for voice but a bit shy about video, might warm to it with a group over time. Don't wanna be streamed or recorded, thanks. comm alts: can do meet, zoom, or in app if preferred. Personal Detail: As easy going as i am, i will not share a table with haters. The ever growing specific haterisms are too long to list all of, so just no haters covers it all for me. I am intolerant of hater POVs, I will not share with haters. Here's hoping to making new RP buddies and crafting a fun story together. A Social Yeti