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A question about the RepeatingSum function


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Hello ! I try to get the repeating sum function explained here <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> to work in my custom sheet, to no avail. Before going any further, I wanted to make sure if I understand properly : in the code below there are "field s " and "field". Is "field" to be replaced by the attibute of the field to be summed or left as it is ? /* ===== PARAMETERS ========== destinations = the name of the attribute that stores the total quantity can be a single attribute, or an array: ['total_cost', 'total_weight'] If more than one, the matching fields must be in the same order. section = name of repeating fieldset, without the repeating_ fields = the name of the attribute field to be summed destination and fields both can be a single attribute: 'weight' or an array of attributes: ['weight','number','equipped'] */ const repeatingSum = (destinations, section, fields) = &gt; { if ( ! Array . isArray (destinations)) destinations = [destinations. replace ( / \s / g , '' ). split ( ',' )]; if ( ! Array . isArray (fields)) fields = [fields. replace ( / \s / g , '' ). split ( ',' )]; getSectionIDs (`repeating_${section}`, idArray = &gt; { const attrArray = idArray. reduce ((m, id) = &gt; [...m, ...(fields. map (field = &gt; `repeating_${section}_${id}_${field}`))], []); getAttrs ([...attrArray], v = &gt; { const getValue = (section, id, field) = &gt; v[`repeating_${section}_${id}_${field}`] = = = 'on' &nbsp;? 1 &nbsp;: parseFloat (v[`repeating_${section}_${id}_${field}`]) | | 0 ; const commonMultipliers = (fields. length &lt; = destinations. length )&nbsp;? []&nbsp;: fields. splice (destinations. length , fields. length - destinations. length ); const output = {}; destinations. forEach ((destination, index) = &gt; { output[destination] = idArray. reduce ((total, id) = &gt; total + getValue (section, id, fields[index]) * commonMultipliers. reduce ((subtotal, mult) = &gt; subtotal * getValue (section, id, mult), 1 ), 0 ); }); setAttrs (output); }); }); };
Sheet Author
Note that right above that code block on the wiki, it says to "Include the function with no changes".&nbsp; You simply copy/paste this part as is into the script block for your sheet.&nbsp; Then you use the example bits of code below that in the wiki article to build the bits that interact directly with your sheet. You can see a fairly simple use of this for summing inventory weight and summing skill modifiers in one of my sheets.&nbsp; You can find it starting at line 2117: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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LOL ! No wonder I couldn't get it to work, I was wrong from the 1st step ! Thank you very much Kraynic, with your help and inspiration from your sheet I got mine to work :)