Arkanis Asunder This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $14 per session . Payment is collected Via StartPlaying.Games at the start of each Session Scheduled . Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. The Arkanis Sector is the dirty and gritty melting pot of the galaxy. Located at the Edge of the Empire along the far end of the Corellian Run hyperlane, this sector draws the worst of the galaxy's denizens. Hidden in the shadows, power hungry Hutt bosses scheme looking to make a name for themselves, Scoundrels and Bounty Hunters each looking to make the easy credit. Criminals looking to keep low and away from the prying eyes of Imperial scrutiny, and every one else in between is simply trying to survive. Recently, events in the Arkanis Sector have drawn the Empire to its borders, Rumors say they appear to be searching for something but none can say for sure. The cause for the show of force is unknown but everyone in the sector has been set on edge with recent events causing the entire system to be locked down. Travel in and out of the Arkanis Sector is only permissible with Imperial approval, trade and resources are more scarce than normal,&nbsp; and Individuals find themselves trapped in a unprovoked fight with no clear sides. Life in the sector has been torn apart by these events… Arkanis Asunder! Our Adventure will begin with "Escape from Mos Shutta" then flow into "long Arm of the Hutt" as its back drop it is the perfect setting getting the players into the action and rules of the system, but don't be fooled,&nbsp; our campaign will flourish immediately from there! Details This will be a biweekly game. Payment is due each session. The amount is $14 per session. Session 0 on Dec 4th will be free. (meeting, Character generation and ground rules for campaign.) Game will be played via Roll20 for all map, character, dice mechanics and music content. Discord will be used for Voice communication only. There will be no Video. Payment will be done through Start Playing Games website. Additional campaign information can be found via the link. If this sounds right up your alley sign up at:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Asunder LFG Link;&nbsp; Arkanis Asunder-A Star Wars adventure LFG | Roll20: Online virtual tabletop