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Thinking of account upgrade but have questions about macros and API


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Ok, so like im assuming API are only for 5e and Pathfinder because they have an SRD, and macros are for everything. so like i want to do special effects like blood burst. i see its a macro that also uses TOKEN MOD which i assume is a APi, so my question, if im playing another system because APIs are only 5e and Pathfinder then i wouldnt be able to do that macro..? are there API in development that can be applied to all systems. are there SRD being done for other systems. just seems 5e gets all the goodies. is confusing and will help me decide if i want to up my account

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Mod (formerly called API) scripts are not inherently game or character sheet specific.  Some scripts are written for specific character sheets, but others are system & sheet agnostic. Two great examples of sheet agnostic scripts are TokenMod and ChatSetAttr.  TokenMod will work for any game that uses tokens, and many of its features work when tokens are linked to character sheets.  ChatSetAttr requires a character sheet to be selected for the game, but any character sheet will do.   TokenMod adjusts values on Tokens, and if those values are linked to a character sheet, then the linked values on the character sheet will be changed when the token is adjusted.  ChatSetAttr solely works on character sheet attributes. Edit: Scott C. has a better explanation of ChatSetAttr below! There are many other examples of scripts that may do things that don't rely on character sheets, such as a script that makes a token follow another token, or scripts that will automatically play music or sounds when a players are moved onto a page. A pro subscription also has other benefits besides Mod scripts, such as an increase in storage space, use of the Transmogrifier, the ability to use custom character sheets, the use of the FX tool, and more .
ok. hmm i thought those scripts were 5e and pathfinder only. thanks
You've probably seen macros to run TokenMod specifically for D&D 5E or Pathfinder... because those are the two most popular games on Roll20, and the ones that get the most questions on the forums. :)   Here's an example of a TokenMod macro that simply locks or unlocks a token: !token-mod --flip lockMovement  That will work in any game for any selected token.
Scott C.
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Jarren's given an excellent description. The only edit I'd make is that ChatSetAttr doesn't even require a character sheet be selected (e.g. D&D 5e or PF). It works directly with the attributes for a character and doesn't really care about the character sheet tab other than having some features that allows it to integrate more fully with character sheets by triggering sheetworkers and the like (but now we're getting into the nitty gritty code, which you probably don't need to worry about).
Sheet Author
Universal Chat Menu (only available on the forums, not in the drop down menu) is configurable, so you have to set it up for whatever sheet you use.  I use it for a game I run using the Pathfinder by Roll20 sheet, and also for any games using my own Palladium Fantasy sheet.  This allows you to set up global menus that print links to roll buttons on the sheet direct to chat.  I use this primarily to run npcs without having to open the sheets. Door Knocker is for interacting with dynamic lighting.  It doesn't care what sheet you use. Group Initiative has buttons with preset configurations for a couple game systems I think, but you can set it up to roll whatever dice, pull in whatever attributes from your sheets, and add whatever modifiers.  It can do a bunch of stuff with initiative, and doesn't care what sheet you use. TokenMod has already been covered, though my main uses with it are to reveal/hide nameplates, add/remove status markers, and add/remove/change vision when using dynamic lighting.  It can also be used to set up menus of commands to change token face and name for rollable table tokens, which is good for "combination lock" type puzzles or characters that have specific disguises/personas. ChatSetAttr has already been covered. Those are kind of my basic "go to" mods/api scripts.  Those give a lot of convenience once you wrap your head around all the things you can do with them.
cool. i want to do spell effects and saw these tied to 5e was hoping to do that with my other systems as well  i think it was a spellaoe thing i saw
Andrew R.
Sheet Author
I run 13th Age and use Mods like TokenMod and ScriptCards all the time. There's less need with Trail of Cthulhu.
David M.
API Scripter
Tim W. said: cool. i want to do spell effects and saw these tied to 5e was hoping to do that with my other systems as well  i think it was a spellaoe thing i saw If you are talking about SmartAoE , it is not tied to a specific sheet or system, though only gridded square maps are supported. I tried to make it as agnostic as possible. Certain sheets allow some shorthand syntax, but that's about it.