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ForeverDM looking to play some Pathfinder. Almost any day, Evenings EST.

Just throwing a lure out there, I know most player threads don't matter, so I'm not expecting much. I'm basically a full-time DM, currently running a game Friday and Tuesday, with Sundays being busy with a one-shot for the next couple weeks. I'm looking to get a chance to play some Pathfinder (though 4E and FantasyCraft and 3.5 are acceptable), with the caveat that in Pathfinder, I'm trying to get some playtime using the classes from Dreamscarred's Path of War series (3.5's Tome of Battle, but for Pathfinder). I'm in the market for a solid group, a dedicated DM, and no roleplay/combat dichotomy, I like to get my roleplaying mixed in with my fighting. Character interaction and challenging fights and puzzles. Adventure Paths are ok, if they're handled really well. Skype or other voice please, no text. That's it. If I have to bribe people with the offer to DM one-shots or something in the future, I'll do that, but I'm trying to get a chance to play for once.
How are Tuesday mornings for you?
I guess fridays and saturdays would be best for most in the afternoons or evenings maybe. i'm just looking for something fun and easy for a new player.
I am looking for / would like to create a consistent group to play with while I learn the ropes of Roll20. At that point I would like to GM and maybe run my original open world with Golarian, Tian Xia, and a colony on a new continent Iraythone. I have a really flexible schedule. So maybe we can work out some one-shots to bribe me into GM something :P