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[DND5E] DM looking for new players for a homebrewed campaign - Sundays

So I run a campaign I've had for a few years, the setting and story is all homebrewed, but you could think faerûn, if it had some dark twists in it, and some restrictions to races. If you like lore and worldbuilding you're doubly welcome, and I'll be doing my best to explain what this world is and how it works. However, this is an early warning - You might have to struggle and have the possibility of failure in this game. I will not go easy on the players in situations that call for it, and I guarantee that your actions have consences, you will not find the best outcome regardless of what you do. Some people like this, some people does not, so this is just to let you know what kind of players I am looking for. You need to be okay with the possibility of failure or setbacks. If this so far seems okay to you, you could check out my listing and apply h ere:&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Still searching for more members, and don't be thinking we only got a couple of spots left, some of the players on that listing are spectators
Recruitment going well, checking to see if more people are interested, and giving myself a modest bump