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Unable to remove Card Backing


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Detailed Description of the Problem I cannot remove the backing card on a deck once it has been created. I click on the <remove> link and nothing happens. I have tried clicking on the link, logging out, restarting Chrome, and restarting the computer. After all this I even removed the backing card pic. Steps to Reproduce the Problem Create a new deck, add a card, add a backing, show the deck, shuffle, draw card, flip card over. Edit deck and click on <remove> next to the backing card picture. In fact, once the backing card is uploaded, it is immediately unable to be removed. Description of Your Setup (Browser + Version, Operating System, etc.) Chrome Version 36.0.1985.143 m, Win 8 Note I would love a remove/replace function rather than just a remove option.
Forum Champion
If you drag a new image to the backing it will replace it.

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Pat S.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
If you want to just remove the backing image, you can go into your art library and delete that image. It will leave you the broken image marking but it wont show the image anymore but what Gauss says is how we all have to do it. we just drop a new image on top of the old one to replace it.
Gah! Thanks Gauss. I don't know why I didnt think of that before. @Pat - yeah I deleted the image and reloaded the session and it was still there. But the drag'n'drop of the new image solved things.
Forum Champion
Wilbry , when you delete an image it is (usually) still in your cache. You would need to delete the image and then clear your cache to not see it anymore.