Good Friday my fellow digital dice enthusiasts! Today, we've got some catching up to do -- turns out our change l o g wasn't as up-to-date as it should have been. Sorry about that! But we're getting it caught back up! This week we've got some nice quality of life changes as well as some improvements to the beta version of voice and video. November 10, 2022 Updates made to the official Cyberpunk Red by Roll20 Character sheet including: Send to Chat and GM Whisper functionality, Custom Martial Arts Skills, Ammo Tracking, and Attack checks. November 15, 2022 When opening a character in the VTT, the character sheet will be the first tab. If you'd like the ability to open to the Bio & Info tab instead, please vote on product board  here .  November 17, 2022 Added 1-to-1 Whisper functionality to New Voice & Video Beta Added dragging players to individual pages to New Voice & Video Beta Add some handling for browser device permission misconfigurations for New Voice & Video Beta Keep an eye on our  change log  for the most up-to-date information on new releases! Have a happy Mid-November!