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[LFP][5E}[1-2 Players][11:30 EST AM][18+][Homebrew][LGBT+][English][Weekly][Free] *The Mercenary Guild*


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Hello, I am currently running a homebrew setting called The Mercenary Guild or the Guild for short. Every week or so players have the choice of what quest to take. Most quests have a monetary element when they completed. We currently have 5 players. We need a minimum of 4 players to run the game and with the holidays coming up I would like to have a few more players. The game is every WEDNESDAY! Interested parties reply below with the following information:  Name: Preferred Pronouns: Age (18+):  Discord: What is your favourite thing about D&D: Character Concept (Don't worry if you are not sure!): A little about yourself:
Just out of curiosity which day? Name:Tony Preferred Pronouns: They/Them Age (18+): 34 Discord: Soahar#6809 What is your favourite thing about D&D: Creating epic stories Character Concept (Don't worry if you are not sure!): I tend to like to fill in the gaps of parties A little about yourself: I've been playing for around 7 years on and off. I'm pretty laid back and go with the flow kind of person. I love sushi and The Good Place.
Name: Marcus Pronouns: He/him Age: 27 Discord: Dis Lexic#4603 Fav DnD thing: Making fun stories with interesting characters. Its also the only real social interaction I have. Character concept: I have a couple, but the main one I'd like to play are a Eladrin Oath of Ancients Paladin who really embraces the idea of being Faytouched. Which is a polite way of saying that he is, to quote someone I played him with in another game, a complete sponge brain.  About me: Been playing DnD for about a year by this point and I really like it and trying out new systems. I enjoy reading, writing fanfiction and watching Anime (dont worry, I'm not one of the morons who keep popping up in DnD horror story compilations). Just out of interest, how long would the sessions be?
Name: Geist Preferred Pronouns: He/Him Age (18+): 31 Discord: HeistGeist#7859 What is your favourite thing about D&D: Characters, story, and using magic items in creative ways Character Concept: Barstow, my big dumb lovable Half-Orc who cuts trees and other things for a living.  A little about yourself: Ive been playing on Roll20 for about 8 months now. Looking for some new groups to mix into. I'm pretty easygoing and down for a laugh. add me on discord and we can chat a bit and see if I'd be a good fit.