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Marvel Playtest Update 1.3

Hi all! We wanted to let you know that Marvel has just released updates to the Marvel Multiverse Roleplaying Game . This is considered update 1.3. Below are some of the updates to expect.  We’ll have this patched into the Roll20 product this week, and will update this thread when it’s available for you to use! Please continue to use this character sheet thread for any bugs you may encounter. Thank you! Might is now Melee. The new name reflects the ability’s purpose better.  The number of ability points a character gets per rank has changed, and are generally lower. Action Modifiers are being deprecated, which were the ability score plus Rank. Now only the ability score will be factored. Defense scores are just 10+ the ability score.  Health and Focus are now 25x Resilience/Vigilance.  The initiative modifier is now just the character’s Vigilance score.  Running Speed is now 5 + 1 for every 5 points of Agility, modified by Size.  Effects from powers / traits / weapons / etc, which add to or subtract from damage multipliers, do not stack.  Add the character’s ability modifier to damage rolls.  Damage Reduction now affects the attacker’s damage multiplier rather than being a flat number.  Characters can heal their Health or Focus at any time by spending a Karma point.  Weapons now add to the damage multiplier. We also added rules for grenades.  Updated the falling damage rules.  Added a number of reaction maneuvers.  Characters who are not heroic can gain and spend Karma but do not start with any.  Altered the number of power sets and powers a character can have per rank. This mostly went up.  Clarified how concentration works with powers.  Clarified a bunch of powers and added a few new ones too.  Changed the number of extra traits a character gets per rank.  Changed a number of traits to tags and made the number of tags you can have unlimited.  Removed a couple traits and turned Combat Trickery into a power.  New Villain profile – Green Goblin!
When can we expect an update to roll20?
Jack Boon said: When can we expect an update to roll20? This week, perhaps as early as tomorrow afternoon. Will update as soon as the team feels confident in the implementation and is going live :)
Aaaaaaand it's live! Thanks for your patience!