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Hunter the Reckoning 5e: Looking for 2 more hunters [LFP][World of Darkness][VtM 5e]

<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp; NEW PLAYERS WELCOME "They are everywhere, the creatures of the night. And much of the world doesn't know about them, or, refuses to acknowledge their presence.....They are everywhere in the world, our world, this World of Darkness, and they prey upon those who are most vulnerable to them: the innocent, the uncorrupted, the human and the humane." (excerpt from -HtR: core book) **CAMPAIGN WILL NOT START UNTIL 4 PLAYERS ARE SIGNED UP*** (and you will not be charged until we first meet as a group) Campaign setting: Set in the pacific northwest (PNW) in modern times (aka 2023-ish WoD) The PNW has become the hotbed for occult activity. Mutilations, missing people, and the brutal murders of Department of Natural Resource officials have the local rumor mill churning. Some believe there is more to the story the what the media has let out...(Which officially will not address what has happened as connected if at all) Everyone wants to know what evil is lurking in the area...and NO ONE feels safe. How you got to the PNW area is not important....Why you initially came does not matter. You have found yourself here and now... as a Hunter...and having found others like you, you combine your forces. You know there is MUCH more to the locals panic about then it seems...there are REAL monsters in the night here and you seek to destroy them! How to prepare Needed: -Discord -Mic -Roll20 VTT account (free) Character Sheets will be on Roll20 VTT Rolls will be made on Roll20 VTT Discord for audio story and text communication What I provide I have learned over the years that it is the players story and I am just here to facilitate that experience and make it run smooth and be as entertaining as possible. Maps, reference materials, notes, photos etc. will be posted on roll20. A session recap will be posted on Discord after every* session. I will organize it all so everyone enjoys the experience, and take pride in doing so. Gameplay details This will be an open door game, if you need to take a break, for any reason, please do so!! All I ask, is if you can, please mute your mic so I know you are out. X,N,O cards will also be made available for players to use -Any use of "out of character" Racism, Sexism, or Discrimination or Personal Attacks of any kind will get you banned. -Players who do these things repeatedly "in character" are discouraged/warned/and possibly kicked or banned. -If you do not follow the “Fade to Black” rule you will be kicked or banned. **Fade to Black Rule** During the game, if there is ever an event, situation, or anything that as a player makes you feel Please say “Fade to Black” (same as N card although sometimes I don't see the chat right away)and that scene will end. I will not ask, I will not judge, I will take control and respect this choice. No story is worth paining someone! This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of&nbsp; $22.50 per player/per session via Startplaying. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. Tipping This game encourages tipping the Game Master for jobs well done. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.
1 filled...1 (maybe 2) spots remain!