<a href="https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/347562/strength-of-thousands-018-f-dot-c-gaming" rel="nofollow">https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/347562/strength-of-thousands-018-f-dot-c-gaming</a> This is a 1-20 campaign expected to run roughly 4hr sessions, with some give for player preferences. This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of 16$AUD (about 10$US or 10Euros) per session, paid any time before the game begins, through PayPal. If PayPal is a problem, other arrangements can be made. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. This game is run with F.C. Gaming, an interdependent GM partnership dedicated to bringing you high quality games and emphasizing the service of skilled moderating. GM Jacob has been running RPGs for more than thirty years, and I look forward to providing an excellent, narratively rich gaming experience. &nbsp; A magic school like no other! The oldest and most prestigious magic academy in the world is the Magaambya, an ancient institution founded by the greatest wizard the world has ever known. This wizard vanished long ago, but his sinister enemies plot against his school and those who attend it. Over their long academic career, the heroes rise from humble students to become teachers, and they ultimately hold the fate of the Magaambya magic academy in their hands. Graduates of the Magaambya are among the greatest wardens of the world, but if the heroes can't marshal the strength of thousands who have come before them, the venerable Magaambya might fall! School's in session! The newest students at the venerable Magaambya school of magic must begin their academic careers with tests of their skill and resourcefulness. The heroes can learn much from their teachers and fellow students, but must beware of mysterious secrets and sinister plots. The rigors facing any Magaambya students are steep, but the heroes must also contend with strange infestations and supernatural intruders in the school's ancient halls. Education is far from easy at the oldest and most prestigious magic academy in the world! *** Hello Everyone! As a thirty-year GM with system mastery of Pathfinder: Second Edition I can offer a narratively rich experience for 4-5 hours a session up to once a week.&nbsp; I am a published author and game designer (Red Brick Games, Earthdawn; Requiem) with a degree in 'game design' (creative writing, literature, and design) and a passion for roleplaying games.&nbsp; I've been playing the game since I was eleven years old, and have run through every phase from hyper-excitable tween through irritable hack-and-slash teen to theatre-obsessed LARP nerd and beyond.&nbsp; I truly believe there's a table for every player, and I love putting together exciting stories for the players that sit at mine. &nbsp; Welcome to Golarion!&nbsp; A tapestry world created by a half-dozen GM s stomping their way through D&amp;D3.5, Golarion has grown and evolved into an incredibly deep world-setting.&nbsp; Pirates of the Shackles, the native Shoanti struggling against the Chelaxian devils who have invaded them, resurfacing Runelords fighting to claim ancient lands, and all set to the tune of a world in which a god died and prophecy shattered...&nbsp; Golarion offers a framework for characters from humble bakers and heroic bards to star-tossed travelers from psychic worlds lost amidst the high fantasy of lich-ruled kingdoms and rebellious fae. &nbsp; The Pathfinder: Second Edition game system uses three actions per round to allow for customized activities from modular spellcasting to complicated martial attacks, broken down into a system of explicit conditions and minimalist modifiers.&nbsp; The game is easy to learn, with very little ambiguity, and I've taught dozens of players the ins and outs since the game went live in 2019.&nbsp; I will absolutely hold new players' hands to help them get situated with a brand&nbsp; new system, and I am always available for questions and requests.&nbsp; My goal by the end is to have you so comfortable with the game that you'll be able to ask to make specific rolls when you think something might apply!