I found this script that lets you deal cards to specific locations on the table. I created a macro to deal one card from each deck !summon-card --deck Kuro's Gun Deck --card|loc:1:fit|num:1 !summon-card --deck Dragonlord's Gun Deck --card|loc:2:fit|num:1 !summon-card --deck Isaiah's Gun Deck --card|loc:3:fit|num:1 !summon-card --deck Carl's Gun Deck --card|loc:4:fit|num:1 !summon-card --deck NPC Gun Deck --card|loc:5|num:1 The problem is that I want it to deal one random card, and it always is dealing the whole deck. My questions are: How do I get it to only deal one card at a time? The num:1  parameter is not working. How can I modify this script to randomly draw a card? How can I modify the script to put used cards aside until the deck is shuffled? Any assistance would be appreciated.