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[LFGM]D&D5e][LGBTQA+][21+]Looking for DM, Possibly Players for Fantasy Homebrew

Greetings! My spouse and I, both in our early 40's, are looking for our next big adventure.  We've been playing DnD regularly for about three years, and of those I've DM'd the past two.  We're seeking a new game where we can both be players together. We prefer something with a lot of fantasy and magic.  DnD is fine, but also open to other systems and lots of homebrew.  More Brennan Lee Mulligan than Matt Mercer.  Definitely rule of cool over RAW.  Probably 60/40 RP/Combat.  We do voices and really enjoy getting into character and forming real relationships in-game.  LGTBQA+ is a must, and we're more looking to play with folks our own age, mainly to build lasting friendships with.  As far as timing goes, we're available any night except for Monday and Thursday.  We're EST, so either looking for something 7-10pm EST or on a weekend, but we have a hard stop at 10pm EST even on weekends because we're old and we have jobs. If you're a DM and think this might be a good fit, we're willing to pay per session if the rates are reasonable.  If you'd like to join us as a PC feel free to reply, but right now we're mostly seeking a DM and from there will do more active recruiting. Thanks for reading!
Hey hey! How are you? This sounds wonderful. How's 7-10 on a Wednesday sound? I would love to make something custom for you! Players have said nice things about me here: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> . The rate there is outdated because startplaying started forcing a per-seat model instead of a per-hour model. This costs players extra money, and I don't approve. That's why I keep my reviews there, but I don't book through them.&nbsp;&nbsp;Session Zero and the first session are always at no cost. Vetting is super important, you know?&nbsp;DM me anytime, and let's talk!
Post is still open seeking potential DM's.&nbsp; We'd like to make sure it's a good fit.&nbsp; Private message me and we can talk!&nbsp; To help move things along, our budget is around $10/person/session.&nbsp; We really can't afford more than that right now.
Sent a PM, throwing my hat into the ring.
I am looking for a group! I also was pitching a 10/session price. I have 7 years experience as DM, I'm in my late 30s, have run everything from one-shots to multi-year campaigns. Definitely an LGBTQIA+ ally, and I am a school teacher. My focus in play is RP (I love doing voices, what can I say?) and in combat, prefer narrative descriptions instead of just dice rolling. I have a posting ready for a pick-up style campaign, ready to start this Saturday, but I can cancel/change that to meet your needs. I was going to run the Sunless Citadel in 5e--a great adventure to get to know each other. Let me know!
Hi dude, I have a few paid games available if you're interested. My discord handle is goliath#7378 Monday's - Heroic Guild of Svartia - 8PM EST (10$ Per Session - Session 0 is free) Genre: &nbsp; Dark Fantasy Synopsis: &nbsp; In the world of Agon heroes are the real celebrities, a life of adventure and gold is the desire of many but few actually have the guts to face the perils of the unknown. By joining this campaign you will be one of many starting heroes tha look forward to forging their legend, and you will be afilliated to the Heroic Guild of Svartoa, you can expect a general Dark fantasy tone with undelying themes of horror, mystery, drama, suspense and if you climb high enough on the guild's rank system even stories of epic and dark proportions. I feel obligated to stress that this episodic format will not forbid the existence of quests that lasts for more than one session, we will pursue the story until it's ending, no matter how many sessions it take. Also i'm a big believer in constructing and developing characters narrative arc, and in overarching plots as well. Be prepare to be amazed by a world that is shaped by your actions and will remember them for better or worse Sunday's - Gates of Dantia - 4PM EST&nbsp;(10$ Per Session - Session 0 is free) Genre: &nbsp; Isekai, High Fantasy Synopsis: Six heroes are summoned to the world of Dantia every century, the seven gates have been opened and the world now is plagued by monster attacks, famine, misery and warring states fighting amongst themselves for scraps of power. But with the arrival of the heroes from earth the power balance is bound to shift again. If you want to have a first-hand experience of an Isekai themed DnD campaign with that distinct shonen flavor this is the game for you, face admirable foes with remarkable abilities, pursue engaging and challenging plotlines, fight distinct and unforgettable villains with a myriad of motives that will test the moral compass of players at every turn, immerse yourself in a living world with tridimensional characters that will allow you to have a taste of that delicious slice-of-life pie that will make you beg for more, on top of it all Gates of Dantia delivers a sandbox experience that is tough to match!
Hi not sure if you are still looking for a game.&nbsp; I am setting one up in January that is planned to be long term campagin i'll dm you my details.&nbsp; In the mean time here is al link to the forum page.&nbsp; <a href="$-slash-session-7-00-pm-gmt-lostar-what-lies-outside-the-shadow" rel="nofollow">$-slash-session-7-00-pm-gmt-lostar-what-lies-outside-the-shadow</a>
Sounds awesome except that I'm MT and a 10 pm hard stop would be 8 pm my time. I can't start until 6 pm so it would work. Good luck finding a DM and some extra players.