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Players cant target tokens (token mod help)

I've installed Token mod and my players still cant target tokens they dont control. I've set the players can Ids to can and they still can select them. Been trying to figure this out for a few days now and have gotten no where
Roll20 Production Team
Go where you install/upload the APIs in your game, select the TokenMod API and scroll until you see the check box " Players can use --ids". That should fix your problem.
API Scripter
If you want to allow your players to target tokens, that's the playersCanIds setting. However, to have an individual command utilize the --ids argument, you also have to include the --ignore-selected argument. I can't remember if that has a hyphen in the name, off the top of my head, so you might need to try both ways.
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API Scripter
Hi Matt! If you are still having an issue after those suggestions, can you post, in its entirety, the macro your players are using?
Thanks everyone I've managed to solve the issue somewhat (Well enough for now)