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Reusing the text of a Roll Table to be clickable and trigger another macro

I have a series of rollable tables to help generate weather information. I have a macro (held as an attribute in the Weatherman character sheet) to create a weather report for just the GM by rolling on several of these tables. Everything works fine. Except, I want to now take the output from the Precipitation Type randomized roll (e.g., Hailstorm, Fog-Heavy, Fog-Light, and so on) and have the ability to click on the word "Hailstorm" to fire another macro (aptly named Hailstorm - also held as an attribute in Weatherman) that reports to the GM what happens when that precipitation type happens. The "Hailstorm" macro works great when used by itself. But I can't get the Precipitation Type roll (let's again say it rolled Hailstorm) to access the Hailstorm description macro. Running the following macro produces the output in this picture. /w gm &{template:default} {{name=Weather Effects}} {{Precipitation Type=[[1t[Geoff-Precipitation-1]]]}} {{[Wx](~Geoff Weather|$[[0]])}} The $[[0]] variable recognizes and stores the output from the rollable table [Geoff-Precipitation-1], but clicking the button won't run the macro and gives the error in the picture. Changing the tilde (~) to a percent sign (%) or copying the text of the working macro (%{Geoff Weather|Hailstorm}) causes the Chat Menu button [Wx] to disappear. I do have access to API if anyone knows of a script that can do what I need. Rollable Table Macros script didn't seem to have what I am looking for.
Following up - I do have a Chat Menu with all the weather effects descriptions as a temporary solution. It works fine, but I'm wondering if there is a more elegant solution.
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Hi, Sir Choklet! Look up RecursiveTable by the Aaron (One Click install). I don't use it myself, but I think it might be what you are looking for.

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Thanks keithcurtis. I explored RecursiveTables as well. If I rebuilt the last macro to be another rollable table instead of a macro, that script might be helpful. But I don’t want the weather effects description to be random. I want to display exactly what happens when the Hailstorm or Heavy Fog is the random output. That’s a fixed description not another rollable table.  Any other suggestions? Is this a job for Script Cards because I’m actually passing a variable??
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With ZeroFrame installed, you should be able to add a few syntax doo-dads to that to make it work. !/w gm &{template:default} {{name=Weather Effects}} {{Precipitation Type=[[1t[Geoff-Precipitation-1]]]}} {{[Wx](~Geoff Weather|$[[0]].value)}}{&simple} To make it clear what I added: ! .value {&simple} /w gm &{template:default} {{name=Weather Effects}} {{Precipitation Type=[[1t[Geoff-Precipitation-1]]]}} {{[Wx](~Geoff Weather|$[[0]] )}} I just tested that in my setup and it worked.