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[LFP] [Free] (5E) Looking for Player for ongoing LMoP Campaign.

My group has decided that they would like to have an extra player so it's a little easier to continue playing a session if one person isn't able to make it on a given night. We are currently about 2/3rds the way through the LMoP campaign and it will be continuing into another campaign immediately after using the same PCs. While I will be running official campaign books there will be some homebrewed elements, particularly at the start of the next campaign to make it work with both higher level characters and a different location setting in the Sword Coast. If you apply, here are the things you will need to know: Start Time : We play on a Saturday. Start time varies slightly depending on peoples availability and what my shifts are. If I'm not working a Saturday evening we can start as early a 8pm GMT/3pm EST in order to get some extra time to play, but if I'm working the start time will be as late as 11pm GMT/6pm EST . The times do fluxuate so while the earlier times are optional, the 10pm/11pm GMT/5pm/6pm EST time is the more common start times. So some flexibility in your start time would be appreciated. Finishing Time : We typicially play for 3-4 hours, but when we have an earlier time it's not uncommon for us to go for as long as 6 hours. We typically finish around 2-3am GMT/9-10 pm EST . VTT/Character Sheets : We use Roll20 for maps and DnDBeyond for character sheets. You are free to use a paper or Roll20 Character sheet if you prefer, but I have a lot of digital content of DnDBeyond that I share with my players for the purpose of character creation. Communication : Communication is probably the most important part of this. While we do use discord for handling text based messages, around half of the players hate using discord voice chat for various reasons. So instead we use PSN (Playstation) voicechat. So that will be a requirement for you to be able to join this group. Sessions will be held in PSN Party VC . If this is a barrier for you I apologise, this is a non-negotiable arrangement for the benefit of my existing players. Other requirements for communication will include checking discord semi-regularly to keep updated on session start times on a given week, while also giving the group ample notification if you are not able to attend a given session via discord. Telling us 1 hour before or not turning up at all is considered incredibly disrespectful to the rest of the group if you have had ample notification on your end. If you don't turn up without communicating ahead of time, and if you don't turn up and then don't have a good reason for having done so, you will only get 1 more chance after that. 2 strikes and you are out if you break this golden rule. After that I will be back on these forums looking for your replacement. Just let us know that you can't turn up with as much notice as possible and we shall get along just fine. The Group : The group is are mostly comprised of people who have known each other and played online with each other for years (myself included). There is one other person in the group who is not a part of the gaming group and who joined to participate in the campaign. Party Composition : The party currently consists of an Eldritch Knight Fighter , a Paladin (I forget his subclass as he uses a paper character sheet and can't reference it in this moment.), a School of Transumation Wizard and a Misfortune Bringer Rogue . (The rogues subclass comes from the Grim Hollow Book) Play-Style : I allow my groups some time to RP after completing significant steps in a quest when narrative allows them to do so. Because we are running official adventure books there will a significant amout of fighting, there will still be some RP in the campaign when appropriate. Out of the 12 sessions we have had so far this campaign, there has been 2 where it has almost been entirely RP. The DM : Hi, thats me! I got into D&D during the pandemic nearly 2 and a half years ago. I've been DMing for over 2 years, and have been running 2 campaigns for most of that time while being a player in other campaigns as well. I try and keep things reasonable and fun in my sessions. If you want to do something seems cool I will do my best to accomodate it, but not everything is possible. I also have a fair number of homebrew rules that I play by, which I will explain to you when you officially join the group. Any hopeful applicants that are able to meet the requirements I listed above are welcomed to comment below or PM with you desire to join and with relevant information (such as your Discord ID & PSN Username). If you seem to meet all the required criteria then I shall arrange a meeting for you with the rest of the group so you can meet up. While I may be the DM, the players buy-in to you is just as important for group dynamics. So they will have the final say as to who gets to join.
Position is still open. If you are interested please comment here or PM me directly. I will get back to you as soon as I'm able.
Hello my name is Bruce and would like to join your group.  I can play any character needed to round out the group.  I’ve been playing DND since 1979 and am very new to roll20…meaning never used it😬.  

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I dont mind joining but i have ran LMOP before. it was like 2 years ago so i only remeber names and places. but i can rp as a npc or somthing up to you. Skeleton pirate, Bubba#0329 feel free to pm my character is a rock gnome artificer (alchemist). i am very flexable with playstyle and i think i can vibe with you all.