Hey there(happy thanksgiving!), I've been looking around for a group that I could drop in for a weekly game. If you are looking for a roleplayer for a weekly DND 5e game, I might be your guy. I may even be able to bring in some others if there is room and interest. Currently only playing Tuesday nights, so any other time is fine with me. I'm pretty reliable, I dont miss games often and if I do, I give notice. A bit about me: I am 30, male, and pretty agreeable to pretty much anything. Do things a little different than I may be used to? That's fine by me, I just ask you be patient while I acclimate to your rules or preferences. I like playing around with voices and accents for characters, half for the fun of it and half so people know what I'm saying in character. I have a pretty standard barbarian half-orc that I play pretty stupid for some good laughs, and I have fun with it. I also have a Tempest Cleric that I've been wanting to try out. Or if you have a suggestion or a specific role you want to fill, ask me about it and we can build something fun. I am central US timezone, almost always available nights and most days. Weekdays only at the moment, though anytime, my schedule is pretty flexible. Any questions you can always reach me on my discord:  HeistGeist#7859