Roles sought: &nbsp;Seeking 4 more players to join the Supernatural Strike Force unit with&nbsp;one player currently attached to the campaign as a thri kreen fighter.&nbsp; Game style: &nbsp;Gothic sci-fi and sandbox-style exploration. Players should expect Star Wars/Firefly-style adventure while planet-hopping to find dark lords to hunt down and kill.&nbsp; For those who always wanted to try the classic adventure Curse of Strahd, or for those who wanted to play a different version of it again, or those who want to fly spaceships against the armada of the vampire pirates, Strahd in Space is here to take you away to another world(s) of pulpy adventure and gothic horror.&nbsp; Strahd in Space features a rich blend of both Curse of Strahd's main campaign mixed with the insane universe of Spelljammer. This won't be a strict by-the-numbers retelling of CoS, but more of a reimagining with a fun blend of the best of both worlds. Players will be a part of the Supernatural Strike Force, a unit dedicated to hunting down and killing Darklords. Characters will fly across the universe, hunting down Darklords on a variety of different planets, and upgrading their ship, crew, and beasts over time till they are strong enough to kill Strahd himself. Picture this as a bit of Cowboy Bepop, Firefly, and Star Wars but with more vampires! The campaign features a lot of sandbox-style adventuring. With players taking a main quest into an adventure location and being able to fully explore the planet/moon to accomplish their main goal and find and try to complete other side quests. As a lover of cinematic immersion in my games, every session will use plenty of background music and sound effects to add to your gameplay experience, and the campaign will take players from simple level 1 sailors to hardened level 10 captains of their own vampire hunting ship. We are seeking committed space cowboys to tackle the evil that is Strahd, as this will be a full level 1-10 campaign with probably around 25-30 or so fun sessions of STRAHD IN......SPACE! Sign up at:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> adventure/ cl9h3snts000e09mjbllo1ddx