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[LFP][Mythras] Arabian Nights themed game looking for a couple more.


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We've got a loosely Arabian Nights-ish game that could use a couple more players. We're making no serious attempts to adhere to either historical or literary accuracy, but we got most of the elements you might expect from such a setting. Most of us are new to the Mythras system, but we're enjoying learning. Things are definitely a little rocky as we get used to the new system. Game play is largely action-based but usually attempts to have some kind of story gimmick or puzzle-based element welded to the action scenes. My goal is create something a little more sophisticated than an endless stream of combat encounters interrupted by brief NPC conversations. The setting and story are mostly home-brewed, but for expediency I shamelessly steal ideas from other appropriate sources. We play on Wednesdays (one or two week interval depending on player availability) at 7pm Eastern. PM me a rough character concept and any questions if you're interested. Thanks!
Also, you might check out the Assabian articles on the discord. Assabia is the Arabia of Thennla, where Shores of Korantia and Taskan Empire are. Would be useful.