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Macro in scope of the spell (Pathfinder)

Hi, I saw something similar to this in the topic ( <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> ), but I couldn't make it work. In pathfinder we have a lot of 'complex' calcul for scope or something elses.&nbsp; That what I would is , in the scope field, a macro who calculate the scope. The formula look trivial : 7.5+1.5*(half spellcaster level) I try a lot of things , I think the best was 7.5+(1.5*[[(@{class1_level}/2)]]) but the calcul is not full and let see&nbsp; &nbsp; 7.5+(1.5* 4 )&nbsp; Obviously that I want is to see the result ( 13.5 in this case ).

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Sheet Author
Try this; [[ 7.5 + (1.5*(@{class1_level}/2)) ]] wrapping in double square brackets creates an inline roll, meaning it evaluates to a single value.
Forum Champion
You might want to add floor(@{class1_level}/2) or ceil(@{class1_level}/2) depending on whether or not you round down or up every odd level.&nbsp;