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Tome of Beasts 3-No next page option on monster pages

This is going to seem like an old man rant. I purchased Tome of Beasts 3 on Roll20 excited to read all the new monsters, but I was dumbfounded to learn there was no next page option on each page while viewing the monster page. To make sure I wasn’t going crazy I had my friends look at Tome of Beasts 3 on my account to ensure there wasn’t a visual bug or error on my end that was preventing me from seeing the “next page” option.  Next, I went back to Tome of Beasts 1&2 to make sure that the “next page” option existed, and I wasn’t confusing it with some other book release. Now you must be saying just open extra tabs for other monsters or just click go back 400+ times to view the monsters in the new book but imagine a brand-new monster manual in your hands and you open it to page 1 and there was no way to turn it to page 2. Instead, you must go back to the introduction and select the next monster in alphabetical order/CR rating. To me this seems completely insane and instead of enjoying reading about new monsters to create havoc with my D&D friends I spent my time writing this and researching to make sure I was not going crazy. I am not sure if this post will have any positive change for this book or others that could be released without a “next page” option, but for the love of Tyr create a freaking “next page” option.
Forum Champion
My suggestion is to message the publisher as this is probably something they have control over.