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Elven Kingdom Campaign (bought hundreds of homebrew assets!)


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Hello everyone! I been looking into DnD lore and realized elves are the most interesting race even more so than they are in the 5e book so I got inspired to make a game about them. Everything down to the biology of elves are more interesting than you would think that the book just skipped over probably because they didnt want the game to be too complicated. im adding custom feats and allowing a free feat based off of biology alone. Players will be able to play fey too because elves fully welcome them. The concept for this game is a bit more unique than just playing all elves. history of forgotten realms is elves were sent from the feywild to free the lands of dragon tyranny and clam it for themselves and the feywild which they did. my concept is that the kingdom players are in is a ancient elf kingdom that never even left the fey wild because they weren't needed and is waiting for a different new world to go to and claim for elves and in this kingdom. So players will be exploring a brand new world where they can help carve a way for all elves and can even interact with politics to any degree they want and start their own kingdom for all I care! There will be many quests to go on that will impact all of history. Your elves so downtime can be a hundred years so many things are easier to do than in a normal game. I also bought so many homebrew things as to better represent a brand new world even magic items, and best thing is I got them all on roll 20 so will be easy to integrate. Also this kingdom still very much has eleven high magic so you can be a elven high mage with power to curse entire bloodlines if you want!  I want to play reasonably fast to level 20 or near it since it is a fresh world were the civilization are built by crazy powerful monsters not humans so level 20 characters wont be able to be complete gods as I can easily bring stuff in to keep it balanced. Then restart as a lower level as possibly their children after we see how they guide elven society. Basically want this to be the place where we play through and make the ancient legends that are talked about as the world gets more and more civilized! Eventually maybe ill even introduce other classic races into the world like gnomes dwarfs and humans but at the start none of those races are even here yet! I want game time to be sometime during the weekend and im still building things up and want to build up some stuff around the players so may be a few weeks until game starts in full. The amount of RP and combat will kinda be up to the players because they can tackle the world any way they want. Gonna start with a lot of combat but as players prove themselves they can get in a position of power and make their own path to contribute to the story. 
This sounds interesting. My weekends already have some commitments, but if the time works, I'd like to be considered for a chance at the table.
Hi Nightblade, This is perfection to my hears!!! I'm a huge fan of elves and always play one. I'm definitely interrested in playing a wizard (either a bladesinger or order of the scribe) What's your timezone? and the start time you have in mind? A little bit about me: I've been playing as a player for 10 years and as a dm for 20 more. I know everything there is to know about dnd lore and elves in particular. Understanding the world I play in is my jam and love to dig into the lore and politics of the setting. I played at all level from level 1 to 40 (back then in AD&D 2e it was a thing) Anyway. Let me know if that fits and we can talk a little bit more over discord. Tacker#4368