West Marches: Against the Wasted North “North of the World’s Throne lies a realm far beyond the reach of civilization. A land which knows no shine of the summer sun, nor the warmth of its radiant light. A land- wrapped in an endless winter: The Home of the Giants. Within is set a single crowning jewel, a crumbling city of steel and stone. Its people, weathered and worn by decades of war and winter, stand in an everlasting vigil over the frozen tundra. For the giants will come again. Once more they will attempt to topple the city walls. But this winter, the frost lacks its bite. The streets yield to the ice and snow no more. And the icy lands up ahead seems more inviting than ever. Perhaps, after the untold years of domination, the everlasting winter is losing its grip. Or perhaps it is another trick of the unforgiving cold, planting false hope, and subtle enough to make the most hopeful cling to belief. Whichever it is doesn’t matter. The knights of Falorgard already sent their message far and wide. The city calls upon those brave or foolish enough to come and make their mark upon history- As those who dared to stand against the Wasted North.” Basic Info: GM: Nuur (He/Him) LGBTQA+ Friendly Format: Roll20 + Discord VC Time zone: CET/GMT+1 Frequency: Weekly Availability: Currently have time slots for Saturday morning CET and Sunday afternoon CET / adjustments can be made if necessary. Run time: 4 hours (possibly longer if the party agrees) Levels: 1 and onward (Adjustments will be made depending on the average group level) Edition: 5E Homebrew/UA: Permitted after approval Pay-to-Play: 15 Euro per session via paypal (First session is free) Experience: all players welcome What to expect: Homebrew setting Questing with heavy exploration, sometimes RP heavy missions Dynamically lit maps for both exploration and combat purposes Multiple story plots for danger DM me if you’re interested! <a href="https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/342559/west-marches-against-the-wasted-north" rel="nofollow">https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/342559/west-marches-against-the-wasted-north</a>