Hey yall, i have some free time and want to test out some stuff, so a oneshot is in order! Make some quick characters and join if you so please :DD  You've been escorted into the inner territory of the Lich Lords reign, being soldiers picked off from the battlefield, spared but forced to make a new life within the living walls of Gallowmere. This quint town is not all that it seems, fish folk are rumored on the beach, and the lighthouse has mysteriously vanished. What happened here? Character creation is simple, you get standard starting equipment, start at LV4, you get 1 uncommon magic item, and choose any race that makes sense (exotic races like lizardfolk may be harder to fit in). If you're interested, friend me on discord! :DD  Sleepie#0542 Pay through paypal first. If you don't pay, you don't play.