A happy December 9th to everyone! We' v e been rolling out some improvements to the D&D 5e sheet by Roll20 and we are continuing to evaluate and make things that much smoother as we go! We have ALSO released our Voice and Video beta to be opt in for EVERYONE. You can read all about it and more on our latest update for  Operation Fire Bolt . What are some of the things you can expect with the new voice and video beta? Connection status indication so you can check on each player Automatic reconnection -- when we notice your connection to another player is lost, we'll detect and attempt to solve that for you! No initial automatic connections -- you now click a button to join the video chat ...and more! Go check it out and have fun! December 6, 2022 Small Quality of Life improvements made to the official D&D 5e sheet: Added a level up button next to your class for easy access to the level up charactermancer Added expand/collapse functionality to the characteristics section of the sheet Adjusted layout of Vehicle NPC sheet to make better use of space December 8, 2022 Fixed an issue where mouse inputs were not properly registering on the unsupported Safari browser.  Help Center documentation  has been updated to help users experiencing issues who want to continue to use this browser. December 9, 2022 Launched the New Voice & Video Open Beta for all users. Keep an eye on our  change log  for the most up-to-date information on new releases!