Hello again everyone, and a happy Friday! We have had a busy week this week with a lot of really great im p rovements coming out across the site as we head into the new year. We also have a few brief announcements to point people towards as well! Q&A with CTO Morgan Buck on December 20th Morgan is back again to answer your questions! You can check the forum post here for more information! Please join us as we cap the year off with some fun for everyone! Last Release Notes of 2022 This has been a fantastic year, and we've had a lot of great releases! As we recoup for the next amazing year here at Roll20 we will be pausing the weekly release notes until next year. We will have a catch up release notes ready for you not too long after on January 13th. In the mean time, you can keep an eye on our  Change Log  for any releases or hotfixes that happen in between! Suggestions Forum Voting We have been listening to feedback from around the community, and have decided to step away from our Product Portal and reinvest into our  Suggestions and Ideas forum . While the product portal was intended to better represent and gather information, the trade off for confusion and ease of use made clear that things were made more difficult for everyone involved. To help facilitate this, we made some changes to how votes are earned -- these changes are retroactive! Votes now accrue based on hours played. One for your first 20 hours, then every 50 hours Votes also accrue based on account age at six month intervals. One for every six months. Subscribers also receive an additional 10 votes for every year spent subscribed. Free users can post as soon as they have accrued one vote. By and large, everyone should have more votes than ever before --  So get out there and vote for your favorite ideas! Changes to the Start New Game screen Those of you who tend to create a lot of new games may have noticed some new looks around the " Start New Game " screen. Our goal here was to drive some general improvements and reduce confusion for newer users. As some may have noticed, the "tags" field has been removed from this screen as well, however, you are still fully able to apply tags via the  My Games  section of Roll20. December 12, 2022 Print functionality made available to community sheet authors.  Help Center documentation has been updated with styling tips on how to make sheets print-ready and how to enable the print button on sheets D&D 5e official character sheet has been made print-ready.  To print your sheet you can use the new print button located in the top left corner of the sheet window (next to the pop-out option). December 13, 2022 Changes made to Suggestions & Ideas forum voting: votes accrue based on hours played (one for your first 20, then every 50), votes accrue based on account age at six month intervals (one for every six months), and subscribers receive an additional 10 votes for every year spent subscribed. Free users can post as soon as they’ve accrued one vote. December 14, 2022 Doors are now available for Pro users in Early Access via the “Place” tool in the lefthand toolbar on the VTT. Players with permissions and sight can see door icons (unless secret). Doors block movement for player tokens and prompt turning on Restrict Player Movement if not already on. Players can click on doors that are not locked or secret to open and close them. Opening a door removes the movement restriction, so the player can then move their token through the door. Secret doors appear to players as dynamic lighting barriers, with no icon visible. GMs can open/close doors, lock/unlock, and make secret/not secret doors with toggles as well as changing the line color. GMs can select and delete doors using the backspace or delete key. GMs can resize and rotate doors via bubbles at each end of the window from the Dynamic Lighting layer. Doors have Mod (API) properties for placement, open/close, locked/unlocked, and secret/not secret. Windows and doors now only show the locked icon after a player has attempted to open them. Updated the layout and styling of the Start New Game page to improve module and character sheet selection experiences.  Removed the "Tags" field on the Start New Game page. You can still apply tags via the My Games section of Roll20. Added a back button for the Place Door tour and future tours. Fixed an issue that could cause in-game chat messages to corrupt the chat archive. Copy updated on unsupported browser pop-up. Fixed an issue with Mod (API) vision angles. Last but certainly not least, you can keep an eye on our  Change Log  for all the most up to date releases as they arrive.