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Exhaustion Level and Token Marker

Hi y'all great scriptomancers !  Is there a way to have an automation in putting a special token marker whenever there's a event change on the 5e character sheet.  I.E.: If I (or players) set the exhaustion level to any value, then set the corresponding status marker and a corresponding number to a token. It would i guess require a on-change event listener so that when the exhaustion level is different from 0 or null then it ould automatically set a token marker A good addition would be to set a hoverable tooltip copying the effects listed in exhaustion_1 and higher when different from 0 to the token too. I have the theory, and i'm  still totally unable to prgram this haha ! Thanks for any help 
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
Totally Doable.  This script will do it automatically for the DnD 5e by Roll20 Character Sheet.  It's using the half-haze marker, but you can edit line 2 to set whatever marker you want.  I also added a command that will go through and update all tokens with the current exhaustion level: !update-exhaustion Useful for if the levels were changed while the Mod Sandbox was down, or changed via a script, or you newly linked tokens to characters, etc. Script: on('ready',()=>{ const MARKER = "half-haze"; const AdjustExhaustion = (obj)=>{ if('exhaustion_level'===obj.get('name')){ let level = Math.floor(Math.min(Math.max(Number(obj.get('current')),0),9))||false; let queue = findObjs({type:'graphic',represents:obj.get('characterid')}); const burndown = ()=>{ let g = queue.shift(); if(g){ g.set(`status_${MARKER}`,level); setTimeout(burndown,0); } }; burndown(); } }; on('change:attribute:current',AdjustExhaustion); on('chat:message',msg=>{ if('api'===msg.type && /^!update-exhaustion(\b\s|$)/i.test(msg.content) && playerIsGM(msg.playerid)){ let who = (getObj('player',msg.playerid)||{get:()=>'API'}).get('_displayname'); let queue = findObjs({type:'attribute',name:'exhaustion_level'}); const burndown = ()=>{ let a = queue.shift(); if(a){ AdjustExhaustion(a); setTimeout(burndown,0); } }; burndown(); } }); });
That's perfect !!! it looks so easy, though i know it needs a great brain ! My respects !