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Please Share Your Opinion! Help a pro-GM out.

Greetings! I have been a professional GM for 3+ years now and thigs are going pretty well. I have multiple tables running (playing DnD 5e, Masks and Blades in the Dark), and I am looking to add a few more tables to my schedule. What I would like to know is what game(s) do you think it would be cool to see get to table? I can run anything except for hard sci-fi (which I am TRASH at), and my games focus on action and drama. More like rad TV shows than the Lord of the Rings books. Thanks in advance for your input!
Hello there! I am STUNNED that gamers, often a group of people with passionate, strong opinions, have no input to share. No need to lurk! I would really appreciate the input.
I run D&D 3.5 and I know people often comment on how few 3.5 games there are. It's the only game I run/play so I don't have any input on the others.

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I would love to see the one roll engine get to a table again. Me and a couple of friends have spoken about both Monsters and other Childish Things as well as Wild Talents. Engine Heart is also cool, but you said you're trash at running hard scifi and it is hardish scifi. All of these are reasonably tiny communities from what I can tell. I don't know that any of those have a strong enough community behind them to be a money maker for you. Chronicles of Darkness, especially as you open it up to more of the books, can likely find you players as they have a thriving community but two of their products (werewolf and vampire) seem to see a lot more play than their others. This means those others tend to be really keen to find GMs and there is a large base to draw from. It has proven to be a good market for at least one server I'm on. I would also love to see Scion 1e, Lords of Gossamer and Shadow, and BESM more often, but I have had several attempts to get them running die due to lack of players at any one time. I am sure that a market exists. The trick is getting enough of that market aware of your game and on the same schedule. These communities don't seem to be thriving as much as enjoying fine root stock with the ability to sprout when conditions are right. I think you're going to find that a lot of the success depends on luck finding the right group. You can have a game known by millions of people and find yourself entirely unable to get a table together because while the players exist they just can't find each other. You can have a thriving community, but getting a table to survive becomes an issue. On the other hand, you can find a game whose community consists of maybe 30 people in the world, but because they all how to get ahold of each other, they can get a game together pretty quickly if they want.
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For the type of game you like to run, I can't recommend Savage Worlds enough—it's great for that style of game and with open ended rolls and bennies, it's a lot of fun for players, too. Another fun system is the Year Zero Engine (Mutant Year Zero, Forbidden Lands, Coriolis, Alien, Blade Runner, etc). Regarding the systems that don't get a lot of traction...I wonder if there would be more success if people didn't say what system the game was (especially if you're willing to teach new players the system)? D&D is so much in the zeitgeist at the moment that people it overshadows other games and people may feel like if they don't know the system, they can't or shouldn't play.
Very much want to second Mutant: Year Zero.  It's a great game, and would like to see more of it. Other games that I'd love to see more of are Shadowrun and Savage RIFTS.
I really enjoyed running Mutant Year Zero (as well as Forbidden Lands). I would LOVE to get a table of that going.
Since no one besides me runs Godbound, I'd pay to play godbound 
Just checked out Godbound. Really interesting stuff. I've played his other games- this seems like a neat variant of what his designs are.