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Two+ API calls in a macro is unreliable

Spent 5 hours today crafting a dungeon with beautiful automation and multimedia and it works fantastically ...  80% of the time. The other 20% of the time? Some of the API calls will choose to go through and the others just mysteriously vanish. Is it consistent? Of course not! Take this little macro:  Move some bad guy tokens from the GM Layer to the Token Layer. Pull up the Combat Master Menu. Play a spooky sound effect. Play some epic music. All in one click. Sweet, right? Except a fifth of the time at least one of the calls gets ignored. !token-mod --ids -NL3a4WTWoUEurUere99 -NL3agtHxpd96agv2Ssn --ignore-selected --set layer|objects !cmaster --main !splay bones-and-flesh-movement-98677 !splay hall-of-the-slain-norse-viking-background-music-110366 Super anti-climactic when only half of it works. Am I doing something wrong, or am I right to be salty? It looks like I'm not the only one, according to this post from two years ago.
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HI snuh! This is a known issue, but it is unusual for it to drop calls to that degree. Have you tried switching the order? CMaster can be a complex script to run on a busy map. Simple Sound is pretty barebones, but the jukebox itself can sometimes be... quirky. Token-mod is typical the Aaron nigh-bulletproof. Try  !token-mod --ids -NL3a4WTWoUEurUere99 -NL3agtHxpd96agv2Ssn --ignore-selected --set layer|objects !splay bones-and-flesh-movement-98677 !splay hall-of-the-slain-norse-viking-background-music-110366 !cmaster --main
Thanks, Keith! I'll give that a go. It's working fine now but I'll retest during peak demand.

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Another option is to wrap each individual command in Plugger EVAL blocks. That would make each command a discrete plugger dispatch, but they could be embedded in the base macro: !splay hall-of-the-slain-norse-viking-background-music-110366 {&eval}token-mod --ids -NL3a4WTWoUEurUere99 -NL3agtHxpd96agv2Ssn --ignore-selected --set layer|objects {&/eval} {&eval} cmaster --main {&/eval} {&eval} splay bones-and-flesh-movement-98677 {&/eval} Once you've converted them all this way, you're left with a single message (which means there are no "extra" messages for Roll20 to drop). I rolled all of your commands into your FINAL command (as the outer wrapper) since the order of dispatch will go: embedded commands detected left-to-right, followed by the outer/housing command (what's left). Can't promise the order of resolution (that will depend on the complexity of what you're using/doing), but that's little different than the original setup you were using before noticing Roll20 was dropping commands.
I've had success with inserting a blank line between API calls.
Hey folks! Sorry for the long delay but here's the follow-up: I set up my macros to test different configurations. Insert blanks lines between API calls - still have dropped calls at the same rate Change the call order so bigger scripts are later - still have dropped calls at the same rate (issue even occurs even with macros that have only minor calls, too) Plugger - seems to work perfectly! Still not a huge sample size (maybe a few dozen calls made during 2 test sessions and 1 game session), but it's promising. Thanks for the tips, y'all!