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Access to Asset Library outside of a Game

Score + 69
It seems I'm not the only one that wanted this, I saw other posts on this but it seems they didn't get enough traction to stay alive. I would like to see some method of accessing and organizing your personal asset library outside of the game.  Over the years uploads can get rather cluttered no matter how well you organize them, and mass deleting assets you no longer use isn't exactly easy with the in-game system.  Even with a Pro account it's not exactly easy and I don't even want to imagine sorting through the mess if I had to go back to a free account due to hardship or something.  I'm also absolutely certain I have duplicate files in my library due to being unable to find a particular asset and simply re-uploading it to save time. I've seen a few user-made script and addon options to improve the asset library but they're a few years old for one and for two I haven't exactly gotten around to learning how to implement those types of things just yet and I certainly don't have the time to do it now.
+1 Yes, this sounds like a good idea, and an external interface could allow better management (showing file size, which games reference it, etc) than can be done in the limited space available in-game.
i'll agree to this
As a relatively new user - I do struggle with asset management. I tend to go into things with a data management mindset and it is quite a bit of busywork without the proper tools. 
This would be a great help
Stephen C.
Sheet Author
Would be helpful for everyone. +1
I am honestly glad to see this got more than the required 10 votes to survive, and glad to see the comments on it.  From how many times I saw this idea die in the suggestions boards I expected this thread to do the same.  Thank you for your support on this, I definitely believe it would be a benefit to all users.
That would certainly be useful.
Yes, please do this. I'm honestly surprised it's not a feature already.
Keeping this alive by popping in to say I 100% agree. I need to organize my stuff soooo badly and using the in game library only isn't cutting it because sometimes I want to just upload things and sometimes I want to sort it but I don't want to scroll through a list of recent uploads to find the thing I'm searching for because I didn't file it when uploaded.
I would also like to see a more user-friendly art library. It's great when you only work with a few tokens at a time, but when you work on entire campaigns and perhaps even monster hoardes, it gets... annoying to first have to upload, then sort from however roll20 decrees.
Adding an FTP interface that lets you synchronize images between online Roll20 and offline personal folders would be handy.
I have seen variations of this posted for a long time, and literally NOTHING ever comes of it. We need  the ability, especially when we are paid members and have a metric crap-ton of assets to dig through. I'd love to be able to do house cleaning without having to go through tokens one by one by one, on the very slow to load roll20 interface. 
Glad to see there's still some relatively recent traction on here.  I might as well bump the thread though to see if it can attract any more eyes.
3 months and nothing new regarding this. This is basic navigation and organization functionality. Lack of this feature is why I have not upped to the 10 dollar a month sub, tbh.
It's a reason I have canceled my subscription.
I have a massive library. While the in-game UI is fine to keep a handful of folders organized, it is a pain to use for a whole library. A dedicated file view outside of any game instance would be very beneficial to help keep everything organized.
Roll20 sure is excited about giving everyone the ability to make character sheets outside of a game but we still don't have a way to manage our images outside of a game...
Guess I'm bumping this, hopefully more people see it.
+1 I have over 1000 hours playtime, but most of that is having to log into a game to go over assets.  Being able to do things outside a game would be wonderful (that and maybe a way to reset the hours played, as feels like a sham lol)
+1! Especially useful for the "Characters" feature and for campaign images (that is if you don't want to use an already uploaded image)...
I have long, long hoped for a direct FTP style access to your content.  The actual content manager is really, really bad at it and if you need to back up content from a game such as tokens, you don't have any good innate options. I badly need to clear out my profile and I am *dreading* it.  I have an entire campaign on another account that I have left pro because I don't want to lose what's there - I'd kill for some sort of 'archive and download / upload an archive' feature.
Hopefully if Roll20 staff ever do implement something like this it'll be less buggy than their out-of-game character sheets feature.  Though even with bugs something would be better than nothing.
I am baffled, I remember very clearly that the library was accessible by the site, but, well, here is a +1 to this suggestion